15 Reasons Why Girls Swipe Left On Tinder

So, Tinder. A new phenomenon that has flooded across our generation, whether you take it seriously or not – the Tinder app will be on almost every iPhone around the world. But girls, do you ever find it tiring having to sort through the millions of guys to find someone you actually fancy? And guys, are you having troubles getting any matches at all??!

Well, here are a few tips that may help you – take note: reasons why girls swipe left on tinder.

What I think some guys forget, is that Tinder is a looks based dating app. Apart from your photo, we don’t really have much to go on (it’s hardly going to be your personality that encourages a right swipe, unless you say something particularly hilarious and original in your ‘about me’ section.) So, what makes guys think a girl will give him the benefit of the doubt if they haven’t even shown their face?

1. Views Snooze snooze


While it’s great to see the adventurous side of a guy with photos of them paragliding off the Grand Canyon or a long distance shot of them looking thoughtfully over the Tibetan Mountains – if we can’t see the guy, then great views don’t always necessarily get you brownie points.

2. The Trout Pout

trout pout

It has been thoroughly established that the trout pout DOES NOT look sexy on girls, therefore there is not a single reason that it should look any better on guys! In fact, it looks a hell of a lot worse.

3. Booze, booze and more booze


so, everyone loves a good night out right? But if this is all the guys photo’s consist of, then it shall be assumed the only thing they like to do is get off their face, and surprisingly, this just isn’t on a girls check list of a decent guy.

4. Kid Disclaimer


If there is a kid in the picture, please add a disclaimer to confirm that the child, is in fact, not yours. There’s nothing wrong if it is yours, we girls just like to know what we are getting ourselves in to.

5. Smoking


simply, smoking doesn’t make you cool. We aren’t 15 anymore, you don’t look badass.

6. Group Photos


if the main profile consists of 2 or more people in it, girls are likely to swipe LEFT. This is simply because we are too lazy to spend our time attempting to work out which one you are, and also, we can’t risk getting it wrong. This could lead to a VERY awkward first date.

7. Sunglasses


It is a known opinion that wearing sunglasses instantly makes you 85% more attractive, if all the photos consist of guys in their sunglasses, we might start to get suspicious…

8. SNAKES (the boa kind AND the trouser kind)


Just know it will be a left swipe from all those ophidiophobes out there… (n.b Ophidiophobes – phobia of snakes)

9. Flash a smile!


Nobody likes a grump (or anyone that takes themselves too seriously.)

10. Gym photos

gym selfie 2

Okay fair enough, it’s good to know that a guy takes care of himself and has the discipline to go to the gym everyday but gym selfies are just a MASSIVE NO NO. If you want to show off your bod (and why not if you are proud of it) then a casual photo at the beach will do, not a cringey posed gym self.

11. The Mirror Selfie

gym selfie

closely linked to the gym selfie, is the mirror selfie. Normally, they are combined in to one. Again, we aren’t 15 anymore, nowadays technology has advanced with a front facing camera (so you can selfie to your hearts content!) avoiding the whole diabolical mirror selfie fiasco.

12. Bad Bod

bad bod selfie

If you don’t have a great body, there is absolutely no need to show it off. WE DON’T MIND if you aren’t shredded to bits, just don’t flaunt it, let us find out for ourselves later on.

13. Other Girls (especially hot ones)

three cheerful smiling young people

Guys, just don’t have other girls in your photos, especially the fifties, because us girls don’t want to feel like there is territorial competition before we have even begun, we just can’t be bothered with it. Also, don’t clearly have cropped your ex out of every single photo – girls might have the strange idea that you aren’t quite over the relationship just yet.

14. Don’t lie about your age


By this I mean OBVIOUSLY lie about your age, older or younger. It just doesn’t work. Girls instantly assume you are no good if the first thought thing they see is that you are a liar. Simply, NEXT.

15. The Blurred Lines


One or two blurry photos will not cut it I’m afraid, we need more to go by than that my pal!

If you want an extra hint that might also help get a right swipe, include a photo of you holding a cute fluffy animal, this almost without fail increases your likability factor!

I really hope this has given guys some insight as to why they struggle with matches and that now girls realise they aren’t alone in their tinder searching struggles.

The aim was not to offend anyone and I hope ALL tips are taken as light hearted constructive criticism – You never know, this could completely change your tinkering experience!

Now ladies and gents, go forth in to the world of Tinder!

Happy Swiping!

Daisy x

p.s I don’t own the rights to any of these photos, they were supplied by google!

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