Reasons Why Girls Expect More From Their Man

As I understand it, it isn’t an easy task to find a relationship without it’s fair share of so-called ‘nagging’. Now, you can argue with me: no doubt there will be the odd person that would dispute this with a ‘No no, I’ve been with my boyfriend for SIX years and we are blissfully happy, we never ever fight blah blah blah…’

But, ask yourself, are you really totally, completely and utterly 100% satisfied? You may THINK you are, but let’s dig a little deeper…

Growing up, we know that our thoughts, feelings and opinions alter depending on our surroundings, we are like little sponges – picking up the latest fad diets, or going with the new trend that has infiltrated Topshop, or even just going to see a film that you aren’t particularly interested in, but everyone else has said it’s really really good.

What I’m getting at is that, everything, even down to our relationship expectations, has been affected by the world around us.

Below are a few reasons why I think men struggle so desperately to keep their girl utterly satisfied…

1. Disney

1. Prince Charming

Since day dot, we girls have literally had it engraved into our brains that everyone has their own Prince Charming (that WILL without fail come and rescue us in our hour of need) and that together, you will live happily ever after. This involves being treated like a princess – 24/7. Unfortunately, the age of the gentleman has gone and the dawn of the ‘lad’ is upon us and the Prince Charming figure has just slipped further and further out of reach- but us girls haven’t totally got the message yet, and are ever poised in a ready-to-be-swept-off-our-feet position, which seemingly rarely happens, leaving us fairly disgruntled.  

2. First Dates


First dates – guys, you start off so well here that you have basically shot yourself in the foot. Obviously – you want to make an impression on the first date, reel them in as it were – but these magical moments will be engrained on our memories – once in the relationship – just a standard friday night dinner date won’t do – we will forever be thinking back to the time when you used to surprise us with exciting, well planned out events or evenings that enticed us in in the first place – we know you can do it, and we should insist that you start as you mean to go on – with thought!

3. Social Media


Okay – so everyone says that the more publicised the relationship is on social media, the unhappier the couple is. But don’t tell me that every time something pops up on your newsfeed or Instagram like ‘OMG had such a rubbish day at work but then came home to a bunch of red roses AND a tiffany necklace AND rose petals leading to a candle lit dinner for NO reason at all, I have THE best boyfriend EVER!’ you aren’t a teeny bit disgruntled by the thought that your man doesn’t seem to take the initiative to do this, or if he does it’s after months of hinting and suggestions.

4. Rom Coms

4. rom coms

Rom coms and chick flicks. The ultimate reason why girls’ expectation of love is ridiculously high. Alright, we KNOW things in real life just don’t happen like that, but that doesn’t stop us wishing that someday we too might experience a love affair that springs up out of hilarious chance meetings, a series of dreamy dates and a breathtaking make up event that occurs after some dramatic misunderstanding which ultimately ends in the whole happily ever after thing. These films, which are watched fairly regularly, have warped our perceptions of reality and have raised the bar so high that relationships everywhere begin to struggle as girls always are able to compare to something better!

I really don’t mean to sound condescending by any of this, I’m simply pointing out the obvious. In actual fact, this is beneficial to the males – if you took a few tips from Prince Charming then you really will be almost nag-free! And the next time you want to go out on a friday night with the lads, she will be more inclined to say “Oh you go, you deserve a night with the boys after you surprised me with a bubble bath after my stressful day yesterday…”

It’s at least worth a try!


Daisy x

One thought on “Reasons Why Girls Expect More From Their Man

  1. Hmmm the problem is us women wouldn’t be happy with Prince Charming either! He’d get on our nerves. We like a bit of a challenge! Bit of fire, not a wet blanket that does everything to please us. Tough to please that’s us!!!


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