Fantastic Perks To Being The Third Wheel

This is a post dedicated to all my fellow ‘Third Wheels’ out there that wouldn’t have it any other way!

Okay, so, before it happened… “Just the two of us!” The song that you and your BFF used to sing when it was just you against the world, two peas in a pod, inseparable every minute of every hour of every day. You were happy! You used to gossip and giggle about this thing you did, or that party you went to, or that date they went on. When suddenly, disaster struck… one date turned into two… then three… then BAM, before you know it they are lost to the world of love at the point of no return!

And yes, you were disgruntled, you now had to share your number one top spot with someone else… but as time went on, you slowly began to realise that this was possibly the BEST thing that could have happened! There are so many perks to being the third wheel that nobody ever divulged, this was GREAT!

(Please note, in the following instances I am about to share, they only occur if you get on with your BFFs other half – if you didn’t like him, his ass should have been booted LONG before you had to put up with any third wheel activities)

1. You get twice as much love – Instead of the lack of love that you originally feared, you suddenly have an extra friend that has learnt to appreciate and put up with your weirdness and craziness because their girlfriend (your BFF) is equally as weird and crazy!


2. You can play Cupid and be thanked for it¬†– It’s basically like having your own reality TV show – but they BOTH come to you with their relationship problems, therefore you act as mediator. You pretty much remind them of how much they love each other and get praised massively for is when they have made up. You don’t have to suffer the drama firsthand, but you do get to revel in it.

hair flick

3. He will ALWAYS have at least one fit mate – Suddenly, your pool of males to choose from has doubled because now all of his friends are your friends – (I use the term ‘friends’ loosely – you all bonded on a drunken night out and now there are many that you can’t show your face in front of as they’ve seen you in your best slut dropping state)


4. He’s the protective older brother you never had – So when his dodgy mate with the bad reputation starts to hit on you, he will be there to step in for a bit of damage control.

Protective pal

5. The unheard male opinion – You finally get an insight in to the male brain… (So THAT’s what he means by leaving three kisses?!)


6. You get fed – You will always get the left overs to their lavish home cooked meals or their large takeaways.


7. You get to play up to your status – As much as they tease you for being the single one, it makes it okay to audibly gag or groan whenever they get too coupley in your face, this is something that would totally NOT be okay with a couple you weren’t as close with.


8. Three man spoon – Everyone loves cuddles, need I go on??

Third Wheel 1

9. You get to choose the activity – You are left with the film choice of the itinerary for the days activities because they feel sorry for you being the single one.


10. Extra presents! – They have to buy their girlfriends BFF a present on their birthday and at Christmas – its only polite.


11. A new pal – You can hang out together when your BFF isn’t around, and most of the time they have to be extra nice to you as they are the ones basically living in your house.


So go on,¬†admit it, you love this new little threesome – and now you’re singing “we’re the three best friends anybody could have”.

You aren’t the third wheel, but instead, you are The Three Musketeers.


Daisy xx

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