How To Make The Most Of Where You Live – (The JAR Series)

This is just a little idea I’ve come up with to help us make the most of where we live – it’s not my usual blog post, but it’s something I wanted to share!

The world we live in, is a beautiful place and many of us are constantly dreaming about travelling and exploring new places. But, what’s wrong with the things that are right on our doorstep?

We live in amazing cities – but when you think about it, how much have you really seen?

How often do you walk past a cool bar or interesting restaurant and think ‘I’d really like to go there!’ But when the time comes to go out, you spend ages wracking your brains for somewhere to go and eventually end up going to the same old chain? (Making your special evening out, slightly less special and rather more routine.)

Or what about those times when your family and friends (who are strangers to the area) come to stay and want to spend a whole day doing touristy things – things you haven’t actually ever found time to do yourself and you end up being a poor tour guide with a total mind blank of where to go!

Well, it’s times like this that you need… (Wait for it…) The Jar.

Here’s the basic idea of it. Every time you think of a new place/restaurant/ activity you want to visit/do, note it down and pop it in The Jar. Then, when you have a day/evening and you want to do something a little different, choose a paper at random from The Jar, then hey presto – you got yourself a fun filled outing, packed with new experiences!

It’s a fool proof way of really getting to explore your town and discover quirky new places.

Here’s my Jar…

I colour coordinated my pieces of paper so I would have some idea of what I was going to do, for example; if I wanted to go out to a restaurant or cafe I’d choose a purple slip, somewhere to drink I’d choose a yellow slip and if I had an entire day I wanted to devote to visiting somewhere or doing an activity I’d choose green!

Keep a scrapbook of all the new things you’ve done – it’ll be great to look back on! I’ll probably blog about my experiences and popping in a few reviews so, keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come!

Happy exploring!!

Daisy xx

2 thoughts on “How To Make The Most Of Where You Live – (The JAR Series)

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