Be: Fit London 2015 – The Perfect Event For Female Fitness Fanatics!

I spent Friday 1st of May in Islington’s Business Design Centre at the Be:Fit London event 2015 – and I learnt SO much that there are a few things I wanted to share with you!

What is Be:Fit?

Be:Fit is London’s most exclusive fitness event (and in their own words), is created by women, for women. The aim of the event is to encourage women that strong is the new skinny and over the course of three days they offer a humungous range of exercise classes, health talks, live cooking sessions, nutritional check ups, sports massages and they also introduce hundreds of fitness brands offering all the top products. As a gym goer myself, I was extremely curious – so I just HAD to go!

My Be:Fit Experience

To start the day, we hopped on a barclays bike and cycled our way across London! It was my first Central London biking experience, I was a bit unsure at first and thankfully the roads were pretty quiet, but I really loved it when I got in to the swing of things, I’ll definitely be using the bikes more often (surprisingly it was even quicker than getting the tube!)

When we entered the building (and met our friends who had just received full body massages!) – I felt like an excited kid in a sweetshop! The entire space was a hive of activity, rows and rows of stalls offering products from protein bars, to fitness wear, to filtering water bottles – and everything in between! And I mean EVERYTHING! The best bit? They were ALL giving out freebies! (and who doesn’t love freebies? The answer is no one. Because everybody does.)

IMG_0470We got super overexcited and spent the morning running from stall to stall, tasting all sorts of foods & juices – leaving us feeling rather full and a little bit sick by lunch! I had received so much information from all the different stalls that my head felt a little frazzled too, but I definitely learnt a lot!

The fun didn’t stop there – we were booked in to the afternoon fitness classes (it was time to work off all those protein bars!). Below is a little overview of the classes that we went to, I brought my heart monitor to get a rough idea of which class burnt the most calories – all the sessions were about 25 minutes long and were COMPLETELY different.

PiYo – This is a combination of Pilates and Yoga; I went in expecting a calming session – but boy was I wrong! It includes all the flowing movement you get with yoga and Pilates, but cranks up the speed by about ten, turns up the volume on the speakers and adds high intesity cardio! And it was SO much fun! I was grinning the whole time – even while my glutes were burning! Although it was a hardcore work out, the time went so quickly because I was enjoying myself, I was a bit gutted when it ended! I’ll definitely be looking for some classes near me.

Calories Burned: 155           Check It Out:

Seen On Screen Fitness – Destiny’s Child Medley – SOS offer dance fitness classes over London where you learn routine’s to all your favourite diva’s greatest pop tunes from Britney to Ciara and even Justin Timberlake. The warm up involved some music video strutting and Beyonce booty shaking and it was great – you get to shake your jelly in a judge FREE zone! The routine was just as fabulous, it was quite simple (so easy to pick up even if you don’t think of yourself as much of a dancer) and you finally got the chance to let out your inner diva! It was so much fun that we didn’t stop giggling!

Calories Burned: 130         Check It Out:
Insanity – For anyone that doesn’t know insanity – it consists of several rounds of hardcore high intensity cardio and strengthening exercise – and you don’t stop! I was a little scared for it (rightly so) because it was just as exhausting as I anticipated, however, I am used to the DVD workouts and this session was a revamped version, which I was very grateful for! I much preferred doing it in a class than at home!

Calories Burned: 240 (!!!)        Check It Out:

Overall Experience

IMG_0480 2

How it left us feeling… comatose from all the excitement and exercise!

By the time we were done with the day, we had to get the bus home because we had too many bags to get on a bike! I don’t think I’ll need to shop for breakfast or snacks for a week! The end of the day left us exhausted and pretty hungry for some REAL food – so naturally we had a well deserved pub meal! Overall I had a GREAT day out and I now feel a lot more clued up on how to do fitness properly – I think I might be receiving quite a few emails over the coming months with all the things I subscribed to (my housemate even won a sports t-shirt worth £65 by giving her email address!).

IMG_0479 2


I discovered…:

Yoogaia!! This is a site that offers LIVE and Recorded yoga classes for you to do in the comfort of your own living room! They have a jam packed timetable for you to do, or you can catch up on the class for up to 24 hours after! The best bit is that it eliminates the travel time to get to the class, but you can still get personal corrections as they can see you on your webcam! (You don’t have to have it on but, why not!) The best bit is its only £15 a month! That’s the same as about 1 Yoga class in London! They also gave the best goody bag out too!

Check It Out:

I bought…:

Superfoods Recipe Book by Julie Montagu (£15)

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil 500ml (£6- Bargain!)

Things to do next time:

If I was there the whole weekend I would have loved to have gone to a nutrition talk and check up! They had one to one personal sessions and also fantastic guest speakers like Denise Lewis!

I will most definitely be attending Be:Fit London 2016 – and I think you should too! It’s time that women took their health and fitness in to their own hands and Be:Fit is the perfect learning experience!
Daisy xx


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