How The Week Works When You’re On A Diet

So, being healthy is something that many of us struggle with (it’s a life long long battle). The little devil that sits on your shoulder when you’re on a health kick, that tries to reason you out of doing a good job and tempt you with that last chocolate biscuit, somehow manages to always win. But trust me… YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It’s normally a weekly cycle that goes something like this…


*wakes up* – right, fresh start. From now on, i’m going to be a lean green clean eating machine! Better start following some people on instagram for some fitspo, it’s bound to have tonnes of recipes that I will DEFINITELY make.


Time for my first run. Warm up with a few lunges…here we go. *100m in* This is SO much fun, I feel GREAT, I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner?! *5 minutes later* THIS IS THE WORST IDEA EVER.

*tells everyone about your run on Facebook/twitter/insta*

Oooh chocolate…I can eat this, it’s fine! I went for a run this morning, I deserve this!


Start with some sit ups today…WHY DON’T I HAVE ABS YET?


Healthy food shop, healthy food shop…lots of protein and vegetables…*at the checkout* – it costs HOW MUCH?!

*Gets home, unpacks shopping* Aaaaand my fruit and veg is already growing mould.


So tonight we are going out to dinner for my sister’s birthday… I’ll just skip lunch, it’s fine.

*lunch time arrives* GOD I’m starving… okay I’ll have lunch, but will just have a salad at dinner.

*At dinner* Ohmygosh that pizza smells amazing, I’m practically drooling. Right, I’ll have the pizza but I DEFINITELY won’t have a dessert. Besides, I went for a run on Monday.

Everyone’s getting a dessert…oh HELL, i’ve eaten badly anyway, may as well do it properly. Cheat day!



Yesterday was just a minor blip. Today will be fine.

Oh GOD, they have biscuits, I don’t think my willpower can handle this. Just say no, say no, don’t eat the biscuit. *5 minutes later* “Dammit. I ate 4.”



IT’S THE WEEKEND! Time To party!

*9pm* Single vodka with soda water and lime please.

*11pm* iiii’llll take a double vodka aaaanddds coke!



Friday Night/ Saturday Morning

*2am* Gimmeee CHEEEESSEEY CHIPS wiffff extra cheeeeeese

*4am* *passes out in the dominoes pizza box*



I think I’m dying. Must. Eat. Greasy. Food. Now… Only. Way. To. Survive.



F*ck it. I’ll start on Monday.


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