Cancer; The fight continues – and why you should join the battle. 

Cancer. A word that holds nothing but negative connotations and brings with it a feeling of fear, dread and frankly, misery. One way or another, we have all experienced the wrath of cancer, be it remotely or very close to home, it is now so common that effects all our lives. 
There are some lucky ones. Like me, I am lucky. Lucky that at the age of 22 I have never suffered from the disease. Lucky, that although both of my parents were at the mercy of some form of cancer, they both made a full recovery. So that’s my experience with cancer. Like I said, I am, for the moment, lucky.

But some people aren’t so lucky. And with no fool proof cure for cancer readily available, we can’t be certain that those diagnosed will make a recovery. But we can damn well do our best to make sure that while they’re on this journey, they aren’t alone.

Which is where this fabulous charity comes in. Macmillan. Now I understand that there are some people that don’t believe in giving money to cancer research charities, for whatever reason. But this charity is different. The offer support and aid to anybody who is experiencing this awful disease, helping sufferers, families and friends make it through this dark time. So who are we to deny this charity that has nothing but honourable intentions?

It is for this reason I have decided to participate in the mass movement sparked by Macmillan – Go Sober For October. And I need your help, lovely readers and followers. Join me on my crusade!

It’s time to put on your war paint ladies and gents. By participating, I can make a difference to someone’s life. By donating, so can you. I implore you, do something good today and click, donate. As little or as large as you can manage – make that your good deed for the day. Start stacking up your good karma – it really doesn’t take much! As Tesco so aptly puts it, every little helps, and that’s all I’m asking for, just a little! And I hate to say this, but you might need it too some day.

Below is the link to my page… please please please, help me out today!

Click here to donate to Daisy’s page!
I am lucky that I had both my parents by my side in this graduation photo. It’s time to help those may not be that lucky.

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