Dancers have problems. Like, real problems. I mean, to any other normal human bean – (I know, the word is being, but i just had a strange BFG moment) – these problems may seem small, insignificant and trivial. But they could NOT be more wrong – the struggle is REAL, these are things we have to deal with every single day!

Sometime’s it’s nice to hang out with your non-dancer friends, escaping the whole performance world and being able to think about things other than triple pirouettes and why you don’t have a six pack yet. But other times, you need your dance pals. These are the ones that will truly feel your pain, truly understand the struggles, because they are going through exactly the same thing! #dancer problems. It’s a very extensive list but here are just a few that spring to mind.

No Clothes – Opening your wardrobe to find you have no nice, normal day-to-day clothes because you spent all your money on flashy active wear is something the majority of us suffer from. I mean it’s worth it, because you practically spend your entire life in the stuff, but sometimes (not very often) you want to dress up fancy like a normal person. DP 1

Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders – As dancers, we’ve had to swap beautiful, sexy, lacy bras for, what feels like, a straight jacket for your boobs. Sports bras. You know that feeling when you take off your bra as the end of the day? And the world seems like a good place again? Well, increase that feeling ten fold! And that’s how it feels to take off the sports bra when you get home after wearing it for 10 solid hours. They’ve been suppressed for so long that you have to shimmy for a bit for the shape and feeling to return to your boobs.

DP 2

Bruises – Do you remember a time when you wore a dress or a skirt without displaying some sexy bruising? Do you? Didn’t think so.

DP 3

Nudity –  We are so used to parading around half naked in front of fellow dancers that sometimes we forget ourselves. It turns out, normal people can be quite modest, and get quite a shock when you start stripping (for whatever reason) in front of them!

DP 4

Stage Make Up – During show season, your skin has never hated you more. Sweating underneath layers of drag-queen-style make up (although applied nowhere near as well as drag queens) then reapplying over the, already sweated on make up leaves volcanoes on your face. But there’s no escaping it. Going on stage without make up would be like Harry Potter going to fight Voldemort without a wand. It just won’t happen.

DP 5

Aching – Most days, you wake up, aching in places that you didn’t even know you could ache in. You wrack your brains back to the day before and think, what in hells crazy move you did to deserve this pain! You roll out of bed, stiff as a board, dreading the day ahead. Doesn’t matter that you can barely walk, dancing will make it tonnes better…ouch.

DP 6

Going out – Suddenly, you can no longer go out clubbing anymore without all your favourite songs being ruined because you have done a routine to EVERY SINGLE ONE. You’ve listened to the tune to death and you’re brain can’t help but doing the routine in your head. It’s unavoidable. Sometimes (depending on how drunk you are) the routine escapes your head and you actually start doing it, giving you the BIGGEST demons the next day when you remember whacking out a tilt in your platform heels.

DP 7

‘Do The Splits’ – This is my all time favourite thing ever. Because I’m a dancer, so no matter where I am, what I’m doing or what I’m wearing, i just LOVE hopping down in to the splits! Obviously.

DP 8

Cabin Fever – This is the time around shows or assessments when you don’t remember what the world outside looks like. You spend early morning till late at night looking at the same 4 walls with the same people. Who suddenly, become the most irritating people on earth, even though outside these walls they are your best friends. You start to forget what fresh air feels like. Losing the will to live, your only form of escape being a loo break.

DP 9

When nobody remembers the routine and you all look at each other like… –  You’re in deep shit.

DP 10

And the list goes on. And on. And on.

Keep an eye out for part two, and part three. And probably part four! Comments welcome!

Daisy 🙂 xx

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