My Winter Win!

When it comes to winter (especially January), it can be a struggle to keep your spirits up – so it’s all about focusing on the little things in life. So, what was my Winter Win this week? Well, one of the good things about January is that nobody judges me for wearing active wear 24/7. Nobody makes an effort to dress well in the winter, it’s all covered with layers of jumpers, scarfs, coats and hats anyway! My day-to-day wardrobe kind of takes a step back and I live in my gym wear – it’s just way more convenient. It’s comfortable, it’s warm and if I’m dragging myself out of my warm house to get anywhere it’s either to the gym or to class!

Purchasing said active wear, also makes me very happy in this season (well – any season for that matter), but discovering a new brand that I love? Well, THAT was my Winter Win for this week… I was wondering down Brick Lane, minding my own business, and a bright, decorative window filled with sportswear caught my eye – there was only ever going to be one outcome. I wouldn’t be leaving the store without some clothes.

As it turns out, the shop that I had magically found myself in, was a pop up store for Slims Sportswear. Now, I simultaneously love and hate pop up stores. I love when they arrive (yay!), but I hate when they have to leave (boooo)! So, upon entering, what was my clothing criteria? I needed some leggings that were stretchy enough that I could wear to dance and do yoga in, but also thick enough that they kept me warm in these sub zero temperatures London is throwing at us. And my gosh did I leave that store a winner!

I came away with a pair of leggings and a top, which I tested out in my Stretch and Tone

FullSizeRender 3

See, super stretchy!

class at Pineapple (Thursday’s 6pm-7pm – really good!) and they were perfect. Super stretchy but also durable (they are definitely long life leggings) and so comfortable that it’s going to be a struggle to not wear them everyday!

Unfortunately their pop up store is no more (sobs dramatically in to hands) BUT they do have an upcoming concession store at House Of Fraser online! And also they have a website which is Right Here! (Click me, click me!)–  so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home in these vile weather conditions

In other news, follow me on my new Instagram page by clicking here for tonnes of exciting things to come, I’ve got so many things in the pipe line that I can’t wait to share with you guys! Yay for 2016! (does a little excited dance)

Daisy x

FullSizeRender 2.jpg



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