20 Things You Shouldn’t Be Worrying About In Your 20’s

Your 20s are a funny thing – you’ve been flung out of the comfortable nest of regime, education and guidance and suddenly you’re told to be an adult. And you’re just like – “What? Nobody taught me how to ‘adult’ in school?! I’m not ready!”
But we really have no choice in the matter – unless you have Bernard’s watch and can stop time, or happen to be best pals with Peter Pan and can hide away in Neverland (If either of these options are open to you I encourage you to take them – do it, adulthood is just a disaster zone!)

Growing up and ‘adulting’ is hard as it is – but we seem to insist on making it harder for ourselves by spending our entire time worrying! Just about… things! Stupid little things that don’t matter! Things that make you question yourself, your motives, even your character.

So here is a list that most females in their 20s spend their time and energy worrying about. And you really shouldn’t.

1.If you chose the right degree at university – or whether you went at all for that matter. A degree is a degree is a degree, whatever you chose to do, you’ve proved that you can work hard and it will be valued, even if you head in an entirely different career option.

2.Whether you are eating clean enough – This new FAD is sweeping the nation; where strong is the new skinny and kale is everybody’s best friend. If that’s how you like to eat then that’s great! But if you’d rather have a bar of dairy milk instead of Green & Blacks 90% Cocoa dark chocolate, then do it! Don’t let other people’s Instagram posts of their super-clean-green smoothie make you feel guilty that you had Coco Pops for breakfast this morning – it’s not going to kill you.

3.Where you’ll be when you’re 30 – Just because you haven’t figured out exactly what you’re doing yet – don’t stress! Who knows where you’ll be at that point? Not you! So just take things as they come, life will give you lemons, but it will also open doors; so if a ten year plan scared the bajeebus out of you, don’t do it.

4.That all your friends are in relationships and you aren’t – When you are single, it feels like you are the only one in the ENTIRE world – but be cool, I mean yes you may feel like Bridget Jones’ sometimes, but even she finds her Prince Charming! It’ll happen – worrying about being single wont help a thing.

5.If you suddenly have a penchant for a glass of wine in the evening after a long day – it doesn’t mean you are an alcoholic

6.That your political knowledge isn’t entirely up to scratch – You aren’t unintelligent if you aren’t completely sure of the UK Government Foreign Policy. I believe politics is something you grow in to – much like you grew in to liking the taste of coffee and dark chocolate. No need to feel like you should be spending your spare moments brushing up on your political facts and figures!

7.If you still love Disney and Harry Potter – Just because you are officially an adult, it doesn’t mean that you have to leave the magic behind.

8.That you want the occasional night in by yourself with a warm bubble bath and a Netflix marathon – You know that 18 year old you would be shaking their head in shame at the granny you’ve become when you choose this in favour of a mid week drinks meeting. But don’t feel bad, it’s totally okay to want some alone time! Time to yourself where you can relax and gather your thoughts together. It’s definitely needed for all the responsible adulty things we have to do these days.

9.That you’re having too much coffee – There seem to be endless articles about the health hazards of coffee – but there are also counter articles to disagree. So if you need a coffee to get your mojo going in the morning – have the damn coffee.

10.That you aren’t as skinny as you were when you were 17 – we’ve all been there, looking longily at old photographs of ourselves in our beanpole days, where growth spurts meant we could eat what we liked and still be skinny. It’s just not going to happen these days and you’ve got to accept that – you’re an adult now. You have hips & boobs! That’s a plus! And you know, at least you can dress yourself better and have a decent haircut at this age.

11.If you haven’t been travelling yet – Suddenly it seems like EVERYBODY has packed their trunks and gone exploring the world – except you. And you don’t have any plans to in the near future either. But don’t get in a panic and feel like you should pack a bag and book a plane ticket right this very second, just because everybody says you should travel – if it’s something you want to do, you’ll do it when you’re ready. Just let it happen.

12.That you STILL don’t know what your style is – If one day you want to dress entirely in retro clothes, and the next only in active wear, that’s awesome! Mix it up a bit!

13.If the guy you are with at the moment isn’t ‘the one’ – If you are with somebody and you know it can’t last forever, but you are enjoying it for now, why worry?? If you are happy, then go with it!

14.That you prefer watching the film than reading the book – being an adult doesn’t suddenly mean you have to become an intellect or anything, sometimes the film is better by itself anyway!

15.That you’ve made the wrong decisions in the past – I love to think that everything happens for a reason. Even if it’s hard to see at the time. Right now, you are EXACTLY where you are meant to be.

16.That you’ve let go of old friends – Sometimes you think back to the people you’ve lost touch with that you shared so many memories with. And you get sad, because nostalgia is the killer. It’s okay to leave people behind, you change, you grow and it was for the right reason.

17.That you enjoy spending money on yourself – Don’t ever feel bad for things that make you happy – if you like splurging out on a designer handbag, don’t let anyone tell you you’re materialistic. If you like a pamper day where you renew your makeup bag, get your nails done and wax from head to toe – then do it!

18.If you are still getting zits – It was a myth that pimples and zits stop when you become an adult.

19.That all your worrying will give you worry lines – that’s just a ridiculous thing to worry about.

But most importantly

20.DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING. – Simple as that. You may have friends that are already high up in their dream job. Or friends that are already a mother of two. And you start freaking out about what you are doing with your life. Worrying won’t change a thing. Just sit back, enjoy the ride and have faith. Trust in the universe, because I promise you, it’s got big plans for you.


There are plenty of real things that we can worry about as we grow older, but these? They are simply just not worth the energy. You’re getting older, but don’t let that phase you. Take the years in your stride and enjoy it. And don’t spend the last night of being 29 crying in to a bottle of wine because you are entering a new decade.


Besides – I heard that life begins at 30 anyway!


Daisy x

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