An Introduction For You

For the modern girl, dating in London is hard. Meeting people to date is tricky. You would think, with the amount of people there are in London that it would be easy… you would be wrong. Everyone is so busy, running about their own business, thinking about work or where they need to be, with their noses glued to their phone screens. You end up doing the same commute, to the same places, with the same individuals – although you see hundreds of new people everyday, smooshed up under some nice looking guys armpit on the tube during rush hour is hardly the time or place for romantic sparks to fly. Social events are very much friend-orientated; living in London means no more house parties or large spontaneous evenings of an array of people. Just planned, specific events with a chosen group of friends – at this age, we are no longer meeting friends of friends – we just get stuck in our same circle! And unless we want to go Made In Chelsea style and become this incestuous group of friends where everyone sleeps with everyone – we need to avert our attention further afield.

Now, when you eventually get to the dating part – it is nothing like the successful, romantic ideals you have in your head (rom coms definitely have ruined relationships for me, they set the bar so high that now nothing will live up to my expectations). It can often be a rather awkward, painful experience but they sure as hell result in some excellent stories (hindsight is a beautiful thing!)

So, what’s this blog about? Exactly what is says on the tin. I have done very well at avoiding dates; in my experience they have generally ended up being awful. I have grown to dread first dates – so I have just put it off entirely. But that’s got to change; for your entertainment I am going to say YES to dating and right here, in this blog, is where I will record the good, the bad and the downright disastrous.

Why would I post my private, probably embarrassing and awkward moments so publicly on the interweb, you ask. Well, put simply, my pain is your pleasure! And as it stands, I’m not exactly a dating expert, so I’ll be learning quite a lot on the way – these lessons I will aim to include in my posts in order to help my fellow singletons avoid the god awful situations that I have found myself in before them.

So, what are you waiting for? Get following and watch this space! Posts released every Sunday so it gives you something to look forward to on the gloomy, hungover, duvet day that Sunday is!

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