The Perfect Friendship Group

As you get older you find that your circle of friends diminishes greatly. Gone are the cling-ons, the users and the acquaintances. And now, you are surrounded by a glorious collection of people; the cream of the crop, your favourites – your best friends.

Sometimes people try and tell me that you can’t have more than one best friend. I beg to differ! We are all very different people with equally individual personalities and I believe that in order to live a balanced life, you need to be surrounded with variety. In any friendship group, you’ll have one of these (sometimes one person is a combination – which is great!)

The coffee date friend

BFF coffee.gif

You both live pretty busy lives, but there’s ALWAYS time for a catch up on a lunch break with caffeine (and it will probably involve cake too)

The childhood friend

BFF childhood friends

This girl knows exactly how weird you are and when you are together you revert straight back to teenagers. You’ve been through a lot with her – she stuck with you through the awkward puberty phase, she’s been there for your first loves and heartbreaks (and first quite a lot of other things). You could never let this one go – she knows too much.

The ‘let’s get f*cked’ friend

BFF drunk

The friend that thinks the answer to anything is alcohol (and actually – she’ right!). You can always rely on this girl for an epic night out followed by a deathly hangover and cringeworthy flashbacks.

The long distance friend

BFF long distance? BFF long distance

FaceTime in this day and age is an awesome thing! You would happily spend an entire evening catching up through a screen with this one and you know that even though they could be thousands of miles away, they are still there for you.

The agony aunt friend

BFF agony aunt

This is the friend you go to when you are in serious need of advice and comforting – they are just so wise!

The ‘let’s go shopping’ friend

BFF Shopping

The fashionista of all your gal pals, who is brutally honest and loves to play dress up. She will give you killer style advice and not moan about waiting hours outside the changing room while you are trying stuff on. Most of the time she will be squeezed in there with you anyway!

The gym class and brunch friend

BFF exercising

Sometimes you need that extra bit of motivation to do some exercise, and this girl will get you there! And after that super intensive work out class you definitely deserve a HUGE brunch together. Also, gym class and brunching makes you feel super grown up and cosmopolitan.

The ‘let’s have an adventure’ friend

BFF adventure

When this one calls, you never know WHERE you are gonna end up. It could be anything from a rock climbing day to a weekend trip to Paris. Who knows? But it will never be a quiet one – you love her, she really brings out your wild side.

The Gay or Not-Gay Gay Best Friend


Because an insight to the male brain is pretty valuable.

The no judgement friend

BFF no judgement

This is the friend you can tell your deepest darkest and most embarrassing secrets to, knowing they will never judge you. Most of the time because whatever it is you have done – they’ve done something ten times worse!

The ‘let’s take naps and bake’ friend


Probably my favourite as this friend requires ZERO effort. You can sit side by side watching endless movies and not say a word, but you’ll still be having the perfect day.

But the best thing about all these friends? Even though they are all so different, you know whenever you get together – like pieces of a puzzle, you all just fit perfectly.

BFF happy

Daisy x

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