7 Simple Tasks We Are All Guilty Of Avoiding

Procrastination. Something none of us are strangers to… I mean, if there was an exam in it we probably all aced it at school or uni right? But the habit of putting off things we just don’t want to do unfortunately did not stop after graduation.

There are certain tasks that occur in our life that we just hate doing. It’s either boring, painful or requires some amount of effort which is just a total inconvenience. And you can tell yourself that you ‘didn’t have enough time’ or ‘there was no way you could’ve done it because [insert lame excuse here]’. But you know deep down that you probably could’ve squeezed it in somewhere during your 8-10 hour Netflix binge this weekend.

The truth of the matter is, the longer you let these tasks be, the worse the situation gets and the more effort is required to do said tasks, thus you are inclined to just leave it. And so the vicious cycle continues. Until you are eventually left with no option other than to do it – but now the task has escalated ten fold!

It’s time to make a change people. Make your life easier. Just. Do. IT.

The washing up – it’s gone from one plate and a pan to an entire mountain of washing that has been there for so long, things have started to grow fur. It’s gotten to the point where you’re left drinking tea from a bowl or eating yoghurt straight from the pot. This is NOT a way to live. Just wash up as you go, it’ll take 2 minutes and you’ll be so thankful for this new habit.

Daily Tasks 1

Food shopping – seriously. You’ve lived off pasta and almost mouldy cheese for the past four days and now you have to do a complete (and expensive) restock. Have fun carrying that home…

Daily Tasks 2

Software updates – it’s more hassle to click ‘do it later’ for the next month, I promise.

Daily Tasks 3

Going for a wax/eyebrow threading – Yes I know it’s painful, but it doesn’t last that long! And the less hair, the less pain, once it’s done you know you always think back as to why you hadn’t just done it earlier!

Daily Tasks 4

Laundry – you’re down to one pair of pants now aren’t you? But it’s too later – even if you do it now it won’t be try until tomorrow! Looks like you’re going commando…

Daily Tasks 6

Taking off your chipped nail varnish – just slap on a new coat ladies, you’ll feel like a new woman!

Daily Tasks 5

See – Look how sassy RiRi feels with those damn fine nails

Exercising – if you plan on going to the gym, just go as soon as you wake up. Don’t even give yourself time to talk yourself out of it. Don’t pretend you’ll go later, you are only fooling yourself!

Daily Tasks 7

And if you can’t get your ass out of bed, at least practice your horizontal running..!

Now, if we just get our shit together and get on with it we could make our life a hell of a lot easier.

Or we could just call our friends over for pizza and movies. That sounds like a good idea too.

Daisy x

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