It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. 

Let’s get something straight about being an emotional person. Crying, does not mean you are weak. For those of you who, like me, have gone through life being labelled as a cry-baby, or have been told to stop being so sensitive all the time, or who have been chastised for being over emotional like it’s a bad thing; it’s time to realise that, it isn’t.

If you are a crier, there can be several reasons that you need to shed a few tears. You could have just watched a really sad advert about a starving dog with three legs. You could have just seen your best friends get married and those tears are actually tears of joy. You could be so angry and frustrated that you can’t even speak and all you can do is cry. You could be laughing so hard that tears stream down your face and the cup of tea you just gulped starts coming out of your nose. You could be heartbroken, or tired, or stressed. Or sometimes you don’t even know why? You just need to cry!

Growing up, I used to try and suppress my emotions; I was ashamed. I could almost feel peoples eye’s roll and the silent groan as my face crumpled and tears started to trickle down my cheeks. But I eventually learned it just made things a hell of a lot worse if I kept it bottled up. I began to block my emotions, bottle them up and ignore them. I willed myself to stop feeling. That can’t be right can it? I would cover everything up, to the extent where I felt tired all the time, pretty much miserable 24/7 and was constantly getting ill.

There are many points in our lives where, for whatever reason, we just aren’t happy. But we do our best to hide it. You wake up, you fix that smile on your face – and that’s who the world sees. You might even do it so convincingly that you fool yourself in to believing it too. But it’s time to take off the mask. You don’t have to be so brave all the time.

Sometimes you might be feeling low, for absolutely no reason at all. And you just gotta do it. Cry. Cry, with no shame. And I’m not talking about those silent tears that roll gently down your face that you wipe away quickly before anyone sees. I’m talking about that pour-your-heart-out, gut-wrenching, ugly cry. Where your eyes go red and you start snotting. Have that goddamn movie moment, where you cry in a ball at the bottom of the shower, or curled up in the foetal position on your bed listening to sad songs, or walking down the street without a care who’s watching. And trust me on this one – without fail, you will feel tonnes better after it.

Don’t feel silly for not having a reason to cry – sometimes there’s underlying stress, anxiety, grief, sadness or even frustration that you were harbouring, stuff that you weren’t even aware of that you were holding in!

It’s time to take that pressure off yourself. Why try and put on a brave face all the time?Why try and struggle through dark times by yourself? It’s just not necessary.

You cry, not because you are weak. But because you’ve been strong for too long. So next time you reach for that mask, do yourself a favour and remember one simple thing. It’s okay not to be okay.

Daisy xx

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