Rule No. 1 Of A Successful Date – Make Sure You Both Know It’s A Date

Yes, ladies and gents (though probably mostly ladies; this is more their type of blog) – the title of this post says it all. So my first entry for the dating diaries is, unfortunately, pretty unsuccessful. Here’s the story.

How It Happened:

Rock climbing

This is me, very much enjoying my first rock climbing session.

One Friday, for some strange reason, my sister, my best friend and I, decided to go rock climbing at the Castle in Seven Sisters (super fun and relatively cheap for London; I would definitely recommend a visit!) Anyway, we were nearing the end of our trip when it happened. I was standing on the mats keeping a keen eye on my sister (coordination and grace isn’t her thing, so my encouragement was needed!) when a guy caught my eye and gave me a smile. I smiled back, because it’s only polite, but he took this as an invitation to stop and launch in to a conversation.

‘Is it your first time here?’ He asked – he must have seen me hanging off the wall earlier, clinging desperately for my life. He was kind of cute, had a bit of a baby face, nice muscles (rock climbing keeps you in shape apparently) and a whole lot of confidence to approach 3 girls. Anyway, we chatted. We bonded over the fact we had both just got back from a trip to Africa and our enjoyment of rock climbing (despite it being my first time, I was enjoying it!). ‘I’ll give you some lessons if you like?’ He says, taking my number. We exchange a few texts and set a day for the following week – so it was settled, that’s a date!

The ‘Date’:

Okay so, first of all, going on a date in your active wear is not ideal. Finding the correct balance between looking like I’ve tried too hard and showing my true, unmade up self was admittedly rather testing. I settled on basic make up, hair down and active wear. Really what I wore wouldn’t matter – rock climbing shoes are the ugliest things (on par with bowling shoes) enough to ruin any outfit!

In theory, rock climbing is a good date idea – it’s an activity so you can avoid any awkward silences because you’ll always be doing something. However, it also involves a lot of concentration, so you risk having no conversation at all. AND rock climbing is hard. Within a matter of minutes my hair was scraped back and beads of sweat began to appear as I tried to haul myself across the wall. Though in fairness, he was an excellent teacher. Here’s another thing, it is extremely difficult to look attractive when rock climbing. Straddling a wall is not sexy. Sweat patches are not sexy. Squealing loudly as you lose your grip and plunge to the spongy floor and land directly on your ass is not sexy.

It was relentless. I was not allowed one break! After over an hour and a half I was exhausted – my hands were grated to bits, my arms were aching and my ability to make conversation just disappeared. In the end, a friend of his turned up and for about twenty minutes I watched them tackle the most difficult level of rock combinations – I took this as my queue to leave. He walked me to the lockers and we exchanged some pleasantries and ended it with a hug and a few crap jokes about how I’ll get better after a few more sessions. There has yet to have been any follow up sessions and on reflection I realise, at no point was there ever really a clear sign that it was actually a date and I now think that he was just really in to rock climbing and genuinely just wanted to teach me!! Awkward…

So there we have it, what did I learn from this date? The key to success is to make sure it is actually a date.


Daisy’s Date Rate:


Because although technically it wasn’t actually a date, I did quite enjoy myself – he was good company and I learnt a lot about rock climbing – I intend to continue my sessions (solo!).

3 thoughts on “Rule No. 1 Of A Successful Date – Make Sure You Both Know It’s A Date

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