Bouldering – (The JAR Series)

So I found this the other day, I wrote it ages ago but somehow completely forgot to post it? Though it ties in nicely with another article I wrote recently!

For AAAAGES I wanted to go rock climbing but just never got around to it, so it was lucky for me that one free Friday I pulled it out of The Jar! (For anybody that is new to my blog click HERE to understand what I mean when I talk about this magical and mysterious jar!)

FullSizeRender 9Rock climbing

Anyway – off we trotted to Seven Sisters for our first rock climbing experience at The Castle! Yes, it’s a little out of the way but never mind, we had the afternoon off! Upon arrival, it turned out you can only go rock climbing if you are trained in dealing with the rope things (which you can do there but you have to book a course and spend money and do all things we hadn’t done prior to our visit).

Fear not, what we could do was go bouldering (this is a smaller wall and no ropes) but don’t get me wrong – it is still bloody high and very difficult!

rock climbing 2

That’s my Sister at the back clinging on for dear life.

After signing up and watching a ten minute safety video (compulsory) we got straight to it – and my my was it a work out and half! But so much fun! It was a little daunting at first because the whole room was filled with semi-professionals who were scaling up and down the walls like Spiderman on speed, I did feel slightly conscious as I was clinging desperately on to the wall, and then promptly falling straight on to my butt. But when I got in to it a little more, I no longer cared!

Luckily it was quite a mild day and we went on the bouldering apparatus outside which was way more fun that the plain walls!

Also (for all you single ladies), the place is filled with eye candy – cute guys with beautifully sculpted biceps in almost every direction you look! There were times when we got quite distracted and at the end of our trip we were approached by one of these cuties – but this is another story entirely (click HERE to be taken to the first chapter of The Dating Diaries Of A London Girl.)


Daisy’s Rating…

Price Bracket: ££     – (£7.50 for STUDENTS/ £12.50 for adults + £2.50 shoe hire)

Would I Recommend it?: If you want to do something different with your day then yes I would definitely recommend it because I didn’t stop laughing for about an hour and a half. ALSO it’s a great fitness activity so if you are bored of your current regime it’s great to mix it up a bit!

KEY: £- Cheap and Cheerful, ££ – Feeling Fancy, £££ – I’d start saving now.

Love Daisy x

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