Bamboo; Not Just For Pandas

Stop the press people; I have some news for you. Bamboo is NOT just for pandas to munch on! No no! Bamboo is actually now being used to make clothes! (And let me tell you, they are the softest things you will ever touch, I felt like I was putting on a hug).

When I say clothes, in this case I’m talking about my favourite type of clothing. Yes, that’s right. Active wear!

I discovered a company online called Boody and fell in love with their eco friendly clothing concept! My love of bamboo soared the second I pulled the clothes out of the packaging, they were so soft you wouldn’t believe (really, you have to feel it for yourself to understand). And my love for it definitely grew after wearing it for the first time! I wore it at my dance company rehearsals (Sol Dans Company) and it was perfect – super stretchy material (which is definitely needed with our choreography, I often find myself in crazy contorted positions you wouldn’t believe!) and it didn’t go all ugly and shapeless after. It was perfect for dancing, so comfortable it felt like a second skin!

Then I wore it on my run up to Primrose Hill the other morning (don’t worry, I washed it first) I hauled ass out of bed at 6am on a Saturday to reach the hill before the sun rose – and I’m so glad I did, it was stunning to watch sun rise over the be


My view of the City from Primrose Hill at 7am!

autiful city of London! Obviously, a pre-dawn run in February is going to be pretty chilly, but the bamboo fabric is magical! Its properties give it a thermo-control ability keeping you warm in the cold and cooler in the warmth!

The best part? It’s so cheap! And eco friendly – so really, think about it, you are actually helping the planet by shopping with Boody (what could be better?? It’s your good deed for the day!). And they’ve got a great range of active wear clothes (I currently have their Boyleg Briefs and Shaper Bra in my basket – comfortable underwear that also looks good is particularly important to me!)

And readers, because I love you so much I’m getting you a discount on products! Quote ‘DAISY’ at the checkout to get a massive 20% off!!!

Win, Win, Win! Click HERE to start shopping!


On the left I’m wearing Boody’s Scoop Top – £24.95 & Full Leggings – £21.95 (And remember, as much as I love a bit of a patterned legging, black is super slimming!)

(If you still aren’t persuaded at the awesomeness of bamboo then check out the complete list of benefits here)

Happy Thursday everybody!

Daisy xx

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