Will Everybody Please Quit Dissing Technology?

You’ve probably seen one of the many videos that’s been floating about social media recently depicting our generation glued to their mobile phones; a sad couple not talking to each other, just refreshing their newsfeed, a line of people waiting at the bus stop, not lifting their eyes from the screen – that kind of thing.

I watched one, and then I didn’t watch anymore.

I avoid them because they make me feel guilty. Guilty that I rely so much on my mobile – that I feel incomplete if I don’t have my phone by my side. People are saying that the advancement in technology is making us anti-social and is affecting our self esteem (especially the older generations, but what I think this comes down to is that they are slightly jealous they can’t get to grips with it like we have!). And on some levels I agree, because let’s face it – if you do put up a selfie and it only gets 1 like, you’re gonna be a bit put out. But mostly, I like to look on the brighter side and think about how mobile technology helps me every, single day.

Rather than separating us, I think it keeps us together. For example, travelling is pretty IMG_9735much the done thing these days. Everybody is getting out of where they live and seeing the world (and making you jealous by cramming your insta feed with pictures of hot countries and blue sea). I can count on TWO hands, all of my closest friends that are overseas or some distance away. But we still keep just as close because FaceTime and Skype are the easiest things to use! I know that no matter where in the world, even if they are thousands of miles away, when I’m in need, at the click of a button my nearest and dearest will be there for me – and I wont feel so lost and alone anymore. Although they can’t be there for me physically, technology allows them to still stabilise me mentally – because sometimes it’s only your friends that can keep you sane!


People can walk past two friends at a dinner table, not talking to each other, just scrolling through their phones and think ‘jheeze, people are so obsessed with technology these days, they can’t even be social anymore’. But do they turn back a minute later to see the two friends laughing so hard until they can’t breathe, when they finally found that photo they were searching for – a memory that brings back the happiest of feelings. No, they don’t see that – people just jump straight to conclusions.

And how else would you be able to capture those incredible moments you never want to IMG_8863forget, right in the moment, if it wasn’t for this technology? Those You’ve Been Framed videos that make you cry with laughter or the time that you were in Africa and an elephant stole your hat. AND gave it back to you!

What about those of us that are growing our own business’? With the touch of a button I can send an email that will help my business grow, or a quick google of a number and I can discover a really useful contact that could open so many doors. It’s incredible! Working from home or café’s is my all time favourite thing to do; I’m my own boss and I could not have done that without technology.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

We just live in a faster paced world these days. That’s all. And I’m sure one day, there’ll be an entirely new technology advancement that our generation will no longer understand and will react in entirely the same way. With disapproval, and talking about ‘the good old days’ when you couldn’t just hologram yourself to a different destination and just had to talk over a screen.

Kids do still play in the park (like we used to) – they just take photos of it now. And when they are old, they’ll look back at these photos over tea and biscuits with their childhood friends, with such nostalgia, and they’ll be so grateful for the technology.

Yes, we could all do with detaching ourselves a little from the cyber world every now and then. But there’s no need to criticise it or the people who like to use it. It’s here, and here to stay, so we may as well embrace it and use it to our advantage.

Rant over!

Daisy x


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