Double Dating – Right Up My Alley.

Singletons of the land, lend me your ears and prepare to rejoice because I bring to you the news of a new dating app I’ve discovered. Finally, an app that adds a little more excitement to the mundane task of endless first dates. It’s very much like Tinder, with the whole swipe right, swipe left malarkey but with one big difference. Can you guess? No?

I’ll put you out of your misery and tell you. You will find yourself swiping through not only one lad/lass at a time, but TWO. Yes that’s right – an app for double dating. Partner up with one of your single pals and swipe through pairs of guys/gals to find your perfect double date! You can have more that one partner. Admittedly this may be a task for some of you, I struggled to find just one single friend. But I promise you, it provides hours of entertainment! It’s called Double – get to the app store and download now! (After reading about the date that is.)

How It Happened:

I teamed up with my housemate on this one and we began our search for a pair to go bowling with. In theory, bowling was a great idea because an activity meant there would always be something to talk about if conversation dried up but in reality, er… well, more on that later.

We found a pair with some good banter (though it took us a while, we had to filter through a lot of ‘how about a foursome’ type responses) and arranged the date


The ‘Date’:

Date day! I was surprisingly nervous (but extremely grateful that this time I had a buddy to take some of the strain off). My housemate and I emerged from our rooms pretty much wearing exactly the same thing (that tends to happen when you live together) but we had left it a little late to do anything about it, so off we trotted to the bowling alley.

The location was awesome, it had a 1950s American Diner style feel to it and was all totally vintage. It didn’t take us long to spot our pair, you could almost feel the nervous energy radiating from them. We also saw, though, that they were wearing suits. Suddenly I felt extremely underdressed. I would’ve been ashamed at my lack of effort but I just thought a ball gown would get in the way of my bowling technique. However, it turned out that they had come straight from work, so I didn’t feel too bad after that.

In an attempt to prevent any awkward silences I switched on my ‘motor-mouth mode’; it is unfortunately my default mode and I have often been told I talk too much. And I hate people that talk too much!

Soon it became very clear that we had chosen probably the smartest men on the app. They all graduated from Durham Uni with First Class Honours and had gone on to high flying jobs. One of them had even been on Eggheads! I never think of myself as stupid but I would be the first to say my general knowledge sometimes lacks a little and I must pay more attention to current affairs. At one point they asked me what I thought about Brexit. I said I didn’t know, I’d never tried it, because I thought it was some kind of breakfast cereal. As it turns out it’s actually an abbreviation of Britains Exit from the EU. Luckily, they laughed thinking I was joking, so I joined in; hahahaha of course I didn’t think Brexit was a cereal…

Then came the bowling. I seem to have a penchant for choosing dates that involve awful footwear (see rock climbing incident). My feet are even small enough that I get the kids shoes with the Velcro, and I suddenly felt like a child being taken on a day trip as the boys towered a whole foot above me (I could no longer fool them with my boot heels, boo!)

There’s another reason why bowling was an awful idea. I forgot that I can’t actually bowl. To save my life. Like I mean, only once have I managed to knock down all the pins. Just happened to be the pins belonging to my neighbouring lane… I was so nervous before my go at making a fool of myself. However, my nerves dissipated when one of our dates, in an attempt to make an impressive shot, threw the ball so hard that he slipped and fell, whilst simultaneously ripping the arm off his shirt. It was heartbreaking to see how embarrassed he was but it was impossible for any of us to keep a straight face – luckily he was able to laugh as well and played it very cool. His incident was short lived as by the time it got to my bowling skills well… his mishap was forgotten. I don’t want to talk about it.

Daisy’s Date Rate:


It actually ended up being a really hilarious evening (and the bowling alley was so cool! FYI it’s called Bloomsbury Bowling, it turns in to a club on weekends!) and I even got a phone number out of it, so maybe a second date is on the cards? Who knows! So a pretty good date rate, but I had to take a point off because they consistently pointed out my tiny feet and I’m a little bit sensitive about that.

dd bowling

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