Feel FAB with Fabletics #LiveYourPassion

Something I read recently made me VERY happy. So apparently (according to fitness experts) one of many things you can do to motivate yourself to work out, is to buy new fitness gear! (I was raving about it in my post Simple Ways To Motivate Your Workout)

This is excellent news for me because now I can justify every single purchase I have ever made/ will ever make in the active wear region; because experts say so. YAY!

And now I think about it, it’s so true. If you look good, you feel good. It’s amazing how a haircut or getting your nails done can put you in such a good mood. It’s obvious that buying new active wear would do the same! I am actually dead keen to work out when I have new gear to show off!

You feel great when you put on a new sports bra or a pair of shorts; but what about how you feel when you put on a whole new entire matching outfit? Literally, nothing better! However, this is very rare for me because although I do like to spend my pennies on active wear, buying more than one item at a time normally costs a fortune and just isn’t something I can commit to.

But kids. I’ve found the answer. Yes, yes I have (you can thank me later). And the answer is…Fabletics.

Have you seen the Fabletics Advert? It literally feels like she’s speaking to me personally (yes I DO eat Kale – and you are so right, I DO deserve to look good!)

And trust me when I say it’s a game changer. An entire outfit for £22 on your first buy! Urm helllooooo, it’s a no brainer! And their active wear range is so broad it is such a struggle to choose between all the gorgeous outfits!

This is me in my new gear – I went for a jog along the Thames with my bestie last week and got to show off my clothes! Here I am wearing Bongo:


Isn’t London such a beaut place in the sunshine??

It was so perfect! Luckily, it was a beautiful, sunny day but don’t let that fool you, it was still pretty damn cold. BUT, I was kept warm by the long sleeves and soft Nylon material. I’m sure I was turning some heads in my fancy gym wear (definitely had nothing to do with the fact that my face had turned an impressive red colour that blended in with the top)

Wait! There’s more! Not only do they have brilliant clothes, they also have a great community too! They are currently running a ‘Live Your Passion’ campaign, jam packed with motivational bits and bobs to help you with your Personal Practice. They have professional advice on fitness, healthy eating and wellness. It’s never easy starting a fitness journey on your own, and with this you don’t have to! They are big on instagram, search @fabletics_UK or #LiveYourPassion for motivational material, workout ideas, healthy places to eat – but also tag your own photos for others to see! I think it’s a FAB idea so jump on board!


Check out their website HERE and join me with my new obsession!


Follow me on Insta and check out my #LiveYourPassion hashtags!

Live Your Passion.jpg

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