1Rebel – Liverpool Street

Where? 1Rebel – Liverpool Street

What? Reshape Full Body

When? Monday 1.30pm

Who? Danny!

My Experience:

I’m not going to pretend it was easy, because it was bloody hard. But. I LOVED IT! (caps locks ON to show you how much I really mean it!).

It was super easy to find and all the staff were really friendly and helpful on arrival. The changing rooms were incredible, everything you could possibly need post exercise! Hairdryers, make up wipes, deodorant, Kirby grips (was really tempted to take more than a few but that’s just cheeky!) – anything, you name it! Towels are also complimentary, which is a huge plus! (I’m such a nerd, I get really excited about that kinda thing!)

The workout consists of intervals of running on a treadmill and then floor exercises. Now, I was slightly nervous about the treadmill bit, I’ve had bad experiences in the past…


That time when I fell off a treadmill…

ANYWAY. Moving on… the treadmill was super easy to use, speed on one side, gradient on the other. My very friendly trainer talked me through it all before we began and he lead you through the workout very simply every step of the way!

Yes, there was one point where I thought ‘my legs might give way’ and ‘no I can’t run anymore!’ (and I’m ashamed that I had to put my speed down for 30 seconds) BUT – it’s something to work up to! I felt incredible afterwards and treated myself to a super yummy smoothie!


This one was called knickers! Basically tasted like Snickers…


FullSizeRender 16

The FitBit Stats

Atmosphere? This was great, the room is quite dark and full of disco lights so you can really focus on yourself and what you are doing and not feel intimidated by anybody else. The music was quite loud and was a cool dj/garage mix – I mean, I could’ve done with a few more pop tunes, but you can’t have everything! Overall, amazing atmosphere!


My fave thing:

I must admit, I got quite excited about the changing rooms – they even had a fridge with chilled towels in! Also, if you book in to the 30 minute lunchtime class you get a free smoothie.


I 100% recommend this place if you’re up for a challenge! It can definitely get you in shape. If I worked nearby I would definitely by a membership and go before work everyday!

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