Ten Health & Fitness – St James

Where? Ten Health & Fitness – St James

What? TenBarre (Barre Core)

When? Saturday 1pm

Who? Alannah

My Experience:

It’s a cute little basement place just off Piccadilly – really easy to find! They give you a tour of the areas when you arrive which is nice, but not completely necessary as it’s so small it’s impossible to get lost.


Now, I’ve never tried Barre Core but I was recommended by a friend – I enjoyed it, but as a dancer who has been doing ballet since she was 5 – it seemed a little basic. That’s not to say it didn’t work, I definitely felt the burn! The class consisted of a warm up stretch and some balances and pulses, then similar balances and pulses on the barre and then some abs on the floor, finishing with a stretch!






FullSizeRender 15

Fat burning zone (according to FitBit) means a higher percentage of calories is burned from fat, but less calories are burned in total. 

Atmosphere? There was only 2 of us in the class and the music was an ipod mix of songs and wasn’t turned up very loud, so I wouldn’t say it had the most pumping atmosphere, but as the class was so small it meant you couldn’t slack at all!

My fave thing:

My legs were shaking when I left which meant I’d been using the right muscles, always a IMG_1665good thing. I also took a peek in to the reformer Pilates studio which looked really cool and I definitely want to try!


For dancers who haven’t done a ballet class in a while I think it’s great to take you back to basics. It’s slower than a ballet class so you can really think about the muscles you are using and your technique. Build up your strength with barre core for a bit then get back to ballet.

For non dancers, it’s definitely a great all over body workout! Everyone is friendly here and you don’t feel intimidated at all!


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