Core Collective – High Street Ken

Where? Core Collective – High Street Kensington

What? Velocity

When? Monday 10.30am

Who? Em Furey (what a name – can’t be anything but a fitness goddess with a name like that!)

My Experience:

This place doesn’t look like it’s anything fancy on the outside but as soon as you enter you are transported in to fitness heaven. I was greeted by a glossy, modern, spacious interior, with plenty of seats and a delicious looking clean eating counter where they served yummy lunches, coffees and brill smoothies (which you can pre order!).

Downstairs the mood darkened a little (presumably to get you in to the ‘I’m about to do a hard-core workout’ zone) and everything was clearly signed (which is great cause I have an awful habit of getting lost in buildings). Girls changing rooms were great – once again filled with everything you could possibly need after your post workout shower! I was a bit IMG_1903 2nervous when I peeked in to the class before me as it looked so hard-core – I had to mentally prepare myself for the workout to come!

The workout itself was deathworthy, but one of those that you leave feeling like you’re a complete fitness goddess! Velocity class was a 45 minute interval training session. Now, I don’t normally like HIIT classes that just involve doing a series of exercises (because I could just do that at home myself off YouTube for free) but what I loved was the circuit element where you got to use all the equipment. And also, if I’m honest, I would definitely not have pushed myself that hard if I was doing the workout by myself.


FullSizeRender 21

Atmosphere? The atmosphere was everything – dark room, low level coloured lighting, loud music and enough air conditioning that you don’t feet like you’re gonna die from sweating out all the water in your body. I felt like I was in a fitness video (except, probs didn’t look anywhere near as glam as gals who actually are on fitness videos…)

My fave thing:

As per-before, my fave thing was using all the different equipment for the circuit. It was hard core but adds an element of variety (and you can count down to finishing…). I also loved their core collective clothing! Was so tempted to buy some but I denied myself the pleasure… I don’t think my willpower will be as strong next time.

IMG_1914 2

Look at me resembling a tomato post workout!


Okay, yes I felt like I was gonna pass out halfway through the workout and I might be waddling a little today but it really was great (afterwards). Definitely going to do a lunchtime session next time so I can devour one of their tasty salads afterwards!

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