To Be Continued…?

Guys, I don’t think you are going to believe me when I say this, but I actually went on a really nice date. That I enjoyed. I know, crazy right?! But don’t worry, it still provided plenty of dating diary material because well, it’s me. And stupid things happen to me.

How it happened:

Move over Tinder, there’s a new app in town (Enter, Bumble). What makes Bumble different from Tinder? Well, the girls HAVE to talk first, so it just eliminates the awk waiting for them to make the first move – how 21st DD bumble 2Century Feminist is that! And, if you don’t talk within 24 hours, your match expires. (Side note, I am also sure that all the guys on Bumble are much hotter than the likes on Tinder…). Anyway, it was a Thursday night, I had a weekend off work and I had date to plan so after we matched I launched straight in there with ‘How do you feel about Saturday morning brunch?’ and after a few back and forth-ing of awful puns, that was it! Pretty simple.

The ‘Date’:

I wont bore you with date details (except the good ones, obvs) but all in all it was how a date should be; good conversation, bit of banter and (key part) attraction (huzzah! I do have feelings!). We had brunch at The Book Club in Shoreditch then sat out in the sun with an afternoon drink at Boxpark; it was that weekend where it was super, super hot (R.I.P Summer 2016) which was fab…except it caused for some wardrobe malfunctions. Firstly, DD Bumble 2there was the sticky bra. Oh how it failed me. I don’t have the biggest boobs in the world and my sticky bra was slightly on the too big side, so it’s a bit annoying at the best of times (if my top isn’t tight enough I can slowly feel it peeling away from my skin, it’s horrible) and in the heat, well, you can just imagine. The entire date, the stickiness basically melted away and the bra was insistently slipping down. I had to keep on trying to subtly hoist it back in to place and re-stick it – I don’t think I was subtle enough by any means, rather just looked like I was constantly drawing his attention to my chest.

Second error was the skater skirt. It was sunny, so it seemed a good idea at the time, but it was also, very, very breezy. Between The Book Club and Box Park, I had to actually hold my skirt down to prevent my knickers being continually displayed to the dwellers of Shoreditch (and most importantly, from my date – too early for knicker displays just yet!). This was only after it had already happened that is (and think of this moment less Marilyn Monroe, more… Bridget Jones.) It wasn’t all bad though, my date towered over me at the grand height of 6”3 (?!) So I think I was able to cover my modesty before he looked down…

DD Bumble 3

If I only I could’ve looked as glam as this…

Also, this date was the first I’d been on with my brand spanking new Invisalign brace. It’s only my bottom teeth and it really is pretty invisible and now I’m used to it, I feel naked without it in! One problem though, having to take it out when I eat, which I completely forgot about. So, as he went up to order our food I had two options. A) Go to the bathroom, remove brace and return in a normal manner or B) try and discreetly remove it before he got back. For some unknown reason, I went for B; and it would’ve been totally fine if he hadn’t returned sooner than I thought. I’d got so far as removing the actual brace, but, ur, not the line of spit that came out with it. GROSS I KNOW. I was so mortified I was tempted to run away (if he didn’t first) but he either didn’t see it or pretended not to (sweet of him). I really need to work on the art of graceful, brace removal because this isn’t the first time it’s happened. The most recent experience was on a train when I was about to tuck in to my lunch, only to notice the fit boy sitting across from me was watching the whole brace fandango. It makes me cringe to think!


Anyhoo (back on subject Daisy) – the date went on for about 4 hours. I returned home to a worried sister as she thought something had happened to me (apparently me being hit by a bus is a much more plausible explanation for my lengthy absence rather than me going on a successful date.) And I’m hoping there will be a Bumble date number two on the cards but don’t worry, I will keep you all updated!


Daisy’s Date Rate:


Yes, can you believe it, top marks for Mr Bumble. Because, aside from wardrobe malfunctions and brace incidents, it actually went super well and I had fun. Although, his height made for a bit of a problem on departure, I went up on my tippy toes for my usual kiss on the cheek (how very Chelsea of me) and apparently that’s not a done thing in New Zealand (did I mention he was Kiwi? Love an accent me) so he didn’t bend down and I still wasn’t tall enough so it ended up an awkward hug with me smooshing my face in to his armpit. I cringed about it the whole tube journey home. But, I still had a text message when I got off the other end so, decided to let it go.

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