Get Your Yoga Leggs At A Discount!

It’s Friday! And because it’s almost the weekend, I’ve got a special treat for you!

If you follow my on Instagram, you may have already heard that I will soon be headed off to Sweden for a weeks yoga retreat! (Who’s jel?). I’ll be resident massage therapist for Scandoir Yoga Retreats on an idillic little island, starting and ending my day with Rocket Yoga sessions (taught by Marcus Veda) and being fed delicious meals prepared by Kimberly Parsons (owner of Retreat Cafe) in between. I literally, cannot wait! *claps hands excitedly* .

Anyway, in preparation of my upcoming trip I’ve been getting my namaste on, aiming to practice 3/4 times a week and increasing that to 5/6 times closer to departure. And to feel the part, you gotta look the part, right? By now you should know me well enough that I NEVER pass up an opportunity to by new gear and this is the perfect excuse (and totally valid – 14 hot and sweaty classes, that’s 14 outfit’s I’ll need there!).

I would like to share with you my first buy of the spree that I’m about to embark on *drumroll please*

These beauties from Yoga Leggs!

Style Sportif - Feb 2016-1092 copyStyle Sportif - Feb 2016-1087 copy

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of me wearing them yet but, she wears them pretty well!

I found these online on Style Sportif which was nearly really dangerous for my bank account – they host a whole range of designer activewear and I got incredibly distracted (it took all my will power to remind myself what I was looking for!).

First of all let’s just talk about that pattern. The leopard print: crowned Spring/ Summer’s most powerful trend by Vogue, but also a timeless one. Until very recently, when it came to active wear, I was an all black errrything girl – these bright colours are a polar opposite and made me feel absolutely fabulous. They arrived just before I left for my yoga class and I was so buzzed to wear them that I had tonnes of excess energy and it took me a little longer than usual to find my zen!

With yoga, it’s best to buy gear that is specifically designed for the activity, else it just makes the class that much harder! These leggings are perfect; lightweight, quick-dry, breathable and flexible. Also, nice and high waisted (which you know I love) because it keeps everything nicely tucked in!

And readers, because we all love a bargain I have a special treat for you. Oh Yes. I’ve managed to get you an exclusive 20% discount code! YAYYYYY!

Firstly, click here to choose your size.

Then, enter this code at the checkout: DAISY20 and enjoy these precious pants for 20% cheaper! But, this offer is only valid for a short time so don’t miss out!

You can’t say I don’t treat my readers well!

Happy shopping my dear yogi’s.

Daisy xx

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 16.16.38


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