Getting Back On The Fitness Wagon

We’ve all been there. It’s totally human and nothing to be ashamed of. You can be in a really good routine; eating healthy, getting up early to go to the gym, having so much willpower that you can’t even imagine the days where you didn’t enjoy living and eating clean! You love your health journey. Everything is going so well, you’re getting closer and closer to your goal when suddenly – it all goes tits up. Falling off that metaphorical fitness wagon is totally normal and can happen for a number of reasons. Maybe you’ve been on a two week holiday, or it’s festive season or you’ve just been so busy that you lose it for a few days. And it’s super easy for a few days to turn in to a few weeks. Getting back in to your routine is hard, but the longer you leave it, the harder it gets!

Our body is amazing. It’s so clever. But it can also be bloody annoying at times. How is it fair that you slave away and struggle to burn off a pound in one week, but it takes half the amount of time to put back on triple what you lost?? Damn you bodily functions! How can it take weeks/months to get those muscles looking nice and shapely but two weeks down the line – BAYUM – you’re back to looking like a fluffy cloud again.
At this point though, you have this f**k it attitude and you really don’t care anymore. But, eventually there comes a time when you decide, at long last, it’s time to get back to being a lean-green-workout machine again. And it ain’t an easy journey. But, here are a few ways to make it slightly easier for yourself….


Yoga Mornings are Happy Mornings

Remember Why You Enjoyed It In The Past
If you have been a little slack on the exercise side recently, you might be feeling a bit on the stressed/anxious side. Exercising releases so many endorphins from our body which actually effects our everyday life. Those endorphins and that super-high feeling you get after an epic workout? Yeah, well, you kind of need them to keep you sane. So just repeat that to yourself when you sleepily make your way to your first Monday morning workout class after a lovely break. Also, the beginning is always hard, but that sense of achievement you got when you were mid way through your journey? Yeahhhhh, it’s a good feeling isn’t it. Let’s get that back!


Take It Slow
Jumping straight back to where you left off is possibly the worst thing you can do. You’ll end up overexerting yourself and getting injured (worst case scenario). Get back in to it slowly, remember, you’re fitness levels will have decreased during your time off, it won’t take long to get them back – not as hard as the first time anyway, it’s all in there somewhere, your body just needs a reminder). Make sure as well as HIIT, you are doing some low impact workouts to lengthen up those tight muscles, like swimming or yoga (my fave!). In the first two weeks back I would suggest 2/3 HIIT sessions and 2 Yoga sessions on alternate days.

Don’t Allow The Guilt
There is absolutely no point of taking time off from your regime if you are just going to beat yourself up about it. If, every time you had some devilishly delicious food and went to bed berating yourself then honestly, it’s not worth it. Rather than enjoying the time off and having the #NOREGRETS feels about eating all the naughty stuff, it’s making you miserable. If you know this applies to you, then either enjoy it whole heartedly or, don’t do it! Sorry for the tough love here guys but you know it’s true!

Don’t Be Drastic
So you’ve probably done exactly what I just talked about and are currently beating yourself


Think eat clean rather than eat nothing.

up for slacking on your healthy lifestyle. Monday morning comes and you’re immediately going to try and make up for it; a heavy heavy gym session and limiting your food intake. This is not the way forward. If, on your break, you’ve been eating more than normal, you will have stretched your stomach. Limiting calorific intake may work for for a couple of days (depending on your metabolism) but by the 3rd or 4th day (or even the end of the first!) you’ll be so ravenous that you’ll give in to your cravings and end up way worse than if you’d just fed yourself in a normal way.

One Thing At A Time
Make the decision, are you going to focus on healthy eating or your fitness first? Little by little you can adjust each and after a couple of weeks you’ll be back on track!

I really hope this didn’t sound like a preachy post guys – it’s just as much for me as it is for anyone else! I am guilty of all these things, which is why I thought I would pass on my wisdom so you don’t make the same mistakes I did!

If you’re still struggling, then take a look at my recent post Simple Ways To Motivate Your Workout!

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Big love 🙂

Daisy xx

One thought on “Getting Back On The Fitness Wagon

  1. Great post. I’ve had this happen because I flirted with Achilles Tendonitis due to tap dancing and running, plus a lack of yoga, then having three weeks of a high stress business trip. Thanks for the inspiration, and keep up the good work.


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