Rooftop Cinema – (The JAR Series)

This has been on my London to do list for like the last 3 years and I’ve never managed to get around to going! So I was super pleased when it came out of the Jar on one sunny afternoon when me and my housemate were searching for evening plans. Plans that didn’t involve eating pizza in our pyjamas, binge watching Love Island, because we do that far too often! We decided maybe we should leave the house for once!

Admittedly, we were lucky because rooftop/outdoor cinema events are not every day of the year but the universe worked in our favour that night! After a quick Google we discovered Rooftop Film Club! In London they have 6 locations, each with it’s own schedule.

We immediately chose The Queen Of Hoxton venue. Not because it was the closest, no no.


It wasn’t a themed event but I just couldn’t help myself (It’s fine, I already know I am a massive loser! BUT I WAS SO HAPPY)

BUT because they were showing SPICE GIRLS THE MOVIE!!! How epic is that? Okay, I get it, it may not be everyones favourite movie, or in their top ten for that matter (God knows why not though, it’s so awesome) but for anyone who knows me, they’ll know I am a diehard Spice Girls fan: always and forever #girlpower. In fact, I might write a post on all the great things that Spice Girls taught me…

But, to the point, it was such a fun evening! They gave us huge nice cancelling headphones, cosy blankets to avoid the summer evening chill and it was dark enough the screen was very visible. Popcorn was £3 (pretty reasonable) and the bar was open for the duration of the film, which of course meant that my housemate and I were pretty drunk by the end of the film finished and we were on our 3rd large glass of wine… (I’ll just take this moment too point out that getting drunk on a weeknight is way more fun! Yay for self employment!)

Anyway, if Spice Girls isn’t your thing (weirdo) then don’t let that put you off, other films include classics like Dirty Dancing, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, When Harry Met Sally and Notting Hill but also some more modern corkers like Star Wars and Inception. So have a browse!

There are also loads of other companies that have outdoor or rooftop cinema, just have a google and get planning!

Daisy’s Rating

Price Bracket: ££ – (£15 standard price)

Would I Recommend?: Definitely if you are up for a fun evening with your friends that is something a bit different! I get it’s not exactly cheap to pay £15 on a film you’ve probably seen a few times but it’s a good way to shake up your week a bit!


Daisy xx

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