Well, That Escalated Quickly…

I have something to confess to you all. This is simultaneously good and bad news so you might wanna prepare for this.

Did you read my last dating post, To Be Continued? Well this is part 2. And what can I say, I don’t want to use the B word just yet, but it’s going pretty well. Well enough that I think I’m going to push pause on the dating diaries.

I KNOW I’M SORRY. Please don’t be mad! I really didn’t mean for this to happen! Not for a second did I really believe that on this dating journey of mine, I would meet somebody on a dating app that I actually (dare I say it) liked?

In my 23 years, I’ve only ever had one serious-ish relationship (that was 5 years ago). All through uni I hated being the single one (it reached a point where I was ninth wheel!) I would moan to my coupled friends about how I wanted one too, but when it came to it I was like NAHHH. This meme was so me:

Single meme
(I would rather park a ten-minute walk away than attempt to parallel park, seriously, ask anyone)

It wasn’t until I actively started dating that I stopped wanting a boyfriend (ironic, I know).

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 18.16.12.png

This T-Shirt Though…

I did date. And they were all really awful (maybe that’s what put me off?). They were so awful, I felt the need for them to be shared, which is why I came up with the dating diaries (tadaaaa). So, like I say, when I was dating, most of the time I was hoping they would go wrong so I got some good material to share with you all, and clearly (as you have already seen) most of them did.

In my case, the goal of my dating ventures was not to find someone special. Especially since I’m leaving the country for 6 months, I thought a boyfriend would totally just be an inconvenience. But
what is it they say? Things will come when you stop looking? And lo and behold, it seems like they could, possibly, potentially, be right.

But fear not readers, I’ll still be giving you plenty to read about; all things good, bad and downright disastrous in the dating world shall be posted!

(And who knows, still time for it to go completely tits up!)

Daisy xx

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