Conquer Your Workout With The Power Of Tee’s!

Ladies, this one’s for you!

As always, I have a discovery I want to share, but I also have a little treat for my lovely readers (by way of apology for being totally off radar for the last few weeks!)

If I gave you 3 guesses what this post was about – well… you wouldn’t need 3. Because obvs it’s about my all time fave thing: ACTIVE WEAR! Yes, that’s right, I’ve got something new for you!

When it comes to activewear, the thing I struggle with most is finding good tops. Leggings; easy, sports bras; up to my eyeballs in them, but t-shirts? My active wear wardrobe is just not up to scratch in that area. It’s almost shameful. But not anymore!

Check out these beaut new slogan crop tops from V3 Apparel!

V3 Apparel kindly gifted me these tops for review; here’s me repping their ‘Conquer’ and ‘Hustle’ tops (yes, I know, looking slightly more dishevelled in the second one but I was running late for my Rocket Yoga class at Frame! So it had to be a quick snap!)


Check out there full collection here!

Here’s a quick review as to why I love them (asides from the obvious that they look awesome)

Firstly the style of the crop and the colours mean they go with pretty much anything. The neutral colours mean you can wear your funky, crazy patterned leggings and not need to worry about the top clashing and the crops works with anything and means that you might even get to give a cheeky flash of your sports bra from time to time in the work out. Because lets face it, you didn’t spend all that money on a nice one for it to be hidden, did you?

Then there’s the actual slogans – exactly what every girl needs to encourage you to slay your workout! You know, for the times when you’re mid way through a killer HIIT sesh, your face is as red as an over ripe tomato and you think that the end is nigh, that you possibly might die, that you cannot continue anymore… Then you catch those words in the mirror and you remind yourself that YES. You are a champion. You are a female boss. You are fierce and you can conquer this workout to reach your goals. All that from just a t-shirt! Who’da thought?

So, here’s time for the treat!

IMG_2560 2

Yoga-ing in my Tee!

My dearest readers, if you use my code Daisiesatdawn at the checkout, you can get 10% off your entire order! Not just on their slogan tees but EVERYTHING! So get browsing on V3 Apparel for all your fitness wear needs!

I’d love to see you guys in your V3 Apparel active wear when you receive so please don’t hesitate to contact me with snaps!

Follow my on Insta, Twitter and hell, why not even snapchat!! (daisytait)

Happy shopping!

Daisy xx

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