How To Be Happy

Today’s post is a little different, and prompted by a very, very good friend of mine who has started a journey, which I very much want to share with you all.

When you think about it, the fact that we spend out lives striving for happiness, is a bit of an odd concept. You’d think that happiness would be our constant go-to state, wouldn’t you? Because the very point of our existence is to be happy and enjoy the life we have been blessed with. Bare with me, I don’t mean to come across all Debbie Downer-ish and deep here, the post gets cheerier I promise!

For some reason, it is far easier for us to be consumed by negative emotions than it is positive ones. How many of us feel like we suffer from anxiety? Or live in a permanent state of worry?
And how many of us, when something actually does make us happy, manage to think of a million things that could possibly go wrong and make us down again. We don’t allow ourselves that total contentment. Why? Do we think we don’t deserve to be happy? Because we do. Everyone does!

In the fast paced, ever evolving, fantastic place we live in, we have been conditioned to think like this. To think that nothing we do is ever enough – so how can you ever feel content (and therefore happy) when you are forever feeling this way? It’s time to retrain your brain, take some action (grab the bull by the horns and so forth) and start your journey to happiness!

(I’m going to get to the point of this post soon, I promise!)

When you are sad, or going through some issues, it is so easy to feel isolated. To feel like you’re the only person in the whole entire world who is feeling like this. And sometimes, just knowing that you aren’t alone, can already make you feel a bit better. And THIS is where my friends journey comes in.

She has started a new Vlog series called ‘The Road To Inner Happiness’. She’s doing that grabbing life by the horns thing and taking her happiness in to her own hands – and she wants to take you with her. An endearing journey of self discovery, each week will focus on a new activity or technique that may help you in ways you couldn’t imagine. So take a look! Below I have linked her introductory video and lucky you, episode 1 is out already! Episodes are released every Thursday so subscribe to her channel to make sure you don’t miss out!

Click here to start your journey on the road to happiness!

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 17.36.57.png
Unfortunately, at our age, with so many difficult challenges and external factors, happiness doesn’t come so naturally, or so easily. It’s actually a skill. A skill that you have to work on, and develop. And you can! Whatever you’re feeling right now wont be forever. You really, really can learn how to be happy.

Daisy xx

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