Calling All Brunch Lovers

Who doesn’t like brunch? Weirdos – that’s who. Don’t trust anyone that doesn’t like brunch cause… what’s not to like? There’s something for everyone! When it comes to deciding where to eat with your pals, choosing a location with a brunch menu can settle many a dispute. Whether you fancy something of the breakfast kind, or prefer more of a lunch option, brunch is the answer!

This is the excited dance I do when someone suggests brunch: 

Brunch GIF.gif

Now we all know about the conventional places (Like The Breakfast Club) and they are great! But… overcrowded and overdone. Why not try somewhere new! I’ve found a few gems in Central that I love and really wanted to share with you.
Hubbard & Bell

Right in the heart of Holborn, you’ll enter Hubbard & Bell through large glass doors and befullsizerender-7 greeted by a warm, classy and slightly chic feel in this cafe, come bar, come grill. Just a heads up, their extensive brunch menu could be one of the hardest decisions you’ve ever made and will leave you feeling slightly baffled as you struggle to decide between all of the options. They have options for the health conscious (or for people like me who have already been out for brunch 3 times that week and think maybe they should reign it in with a lighter option). They have sourdough pancakes (see, healthy. Cause it’s sourdough ya know!) quinoa porridge and plenty of egg options. But no fear, they got the heavy stuff too!

I’d say that a meal of a main, a fantastic shake and a coffee would cost around £15-20, depending on your choice. So for such a classy place that’s a reasonable price right?

Also, Hubbard & Bell is open until 2am on the weekends and in the evenings have a resident DJ playing – so if you opted for their £20 bottomless Prosecco option on the brunch menu, then you know, you may as well carry on and stay for the party.

My Old Dutch

Are you a pancakes person? Well if you are, it’s a total sin if you haven’t already been to My Old Dutch. ANY toppings your hearts desire will be served to you at this Pancake mecca (they serve other stuff too but, that would be like going to Rome and having a chinese meal instead of a pizza. It’s basically a crime). Sweet or Savoury – they got it. Fancy the Amstadammer? A savoury pancake filled with sautéed apple, smoky bacon and maple syrup! Are ya drooling yet? A pancake option will cost on average around £10, but the portions are definitely on the large side.

Salt & Pepper

Sometimes, you just fancy a good old fashioned greasy spoon, and I swear these days a place like that can be hard to find! That isn’t a pub. Although they don’t strictly have a brunch menu, both their breakfast and lunch menu runs all day. Compared to my other brunch places, Salt & Pepper is a little more low key. Like, you could get away with going in your trekkie bums on a severe hangover and not feel like you’re being frowned upon. It’s a very small, cosy, cafe but has a large menu. Even though seating is limited, turnover is normally very quick (as is the service!) so it is very rare that you would have to wait for a table. Typical English Breakfast for £6.50 (and it actually tastes good) – it’s a steal. Everything on the menu is of a similar price, so if you are watching the pennies but still want to treat yo’ self, here, you can enjoy a homely meal without breaking the bank!

So, when you next head out for a brunch date, why not try one of these? It might be an idea to think about what you’re really really craving before you go, else you could spend a good part of your day trying to choose between all the delicious options.

Also, look at this t-shirt. I need it in my life.

brunch 2.jpg

(That wasn’t a hint or anything, but I’ll leave the link just here, on the off chance that anybody feels like being generous and doing a good deed…)

Peace out fellow brunch lovers – don’t forget to follow me on insta, twitter and snapchat (@daisytait)!

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