Keeping fit in Cape Town

I kick started my 6 week African Adventure off with a short but sweet stay in the beautiful Cape Town. I promise you – this place is one for the bucket list. A city with everything – one minute you’re in the mountains, the next you’re along the beach, and then you find yourself in the up and coming city centre where you can shop until your arms fall off. Not only is the list of things to do endless here, but even with the fall in value of the pound, the currency conversion means everything is ridiculously cheap. Currently is is £1 to 17 ZAR (when I came last year it was £1 to 22 ZAR!).

Now, it’s totally normal to put on a few pounds when you are away for a week or two – but as I’m away for 6 (and the Africans know how to drink and love their red meat), I can see that pound or two easily slipping in to 7 or 8 (honestly! It’s happened before!). So, I haven’t totally sunk in to holiday mode just yet and was making sure that I kept active for the most part!

Living in London means I am used to walking everywhere – pretty much all day everyday, so even if you don’t dedicate some time to a work out you are still keeping active. Walking anywhere in Cape Town is seen as odd and the only way to get around really is to drive (and Uber!), so I really noticed my lack of exercise. From my week I have gathered a few top tips to keeping fit and healthy whilst still enjoying your holibobs in Cape Town!

Climb Table Mountain

Table Mountain is a must to do on your Cape Town bucket list,

but why get the cable car when you can trek up it? AND back down again! It’s not an easy climb but trust me, when you get to img_0036the top, the breath taking view is so worth it! And that sense of accomplishment you get after is pretty damn good too. The trek supposedly is a 4 hour round trip but I think that’s overdoing it – my cousin and I did it in 2 hours 20 minutes (but that was pretty speedy, I made the mistake of doing it with someone who has completed TWO Ironman’s – don’t do that.)
A lot of large steps, you’ll be feeling it in your legs the next day – and don’t be fooled in to thinking the way down is easy, it’s quite slippery to be careful!

N.B – Take a rucksack with water and do take a jacket for the top as it’s extremely windy and can be very very cold. The above picture is proof of that! Wear fitness clothes and trainers! Saw some crazy people going up in jeans and flip flops – definitely not safe.
Lions Head At Full Moon

Climbing Lion’s head is a pretty special trip and a fun way to exercise too! It starts with a steady gradient climb around the mountain then you get in to the real nitty gritty stuff where you feel like you are almost scaling it, taking about an hour to get to the top. Super fun to go at any time but if you are there on a full moon I highly recommend heading up around 6 (with a wee picnic for the top) to watch the sun set and the moon rise above a glittering night landscape. It’s beautiful!

N.B – Same as above. Be prepared for it to take some time to get down on a full moon evening as it is quite popular. We went for the super moon and it took around 2 and a half hours to get down because of congestion, in two places there are ladders which obviously you have to climb one at a time – another reason I suggest taking snacks!

Sweat 1000

For anyone that is addicted to their Barry’s Bootcamp or 1Rebel, this is the Cape Town equivalent! There are two locations, Claremont and Sea Point (the latter being the best with a live DJ!). The first session is free to try then it’s pretty cheap if you want a few more sessions, you can either pay individually or buy a package if you are there for a bit longer.

Literally, just type in yoga near me in to google maps and you will find a studio within 500 yards! They all offer drop in sessions for around £5 with the exchange rate – it’s a bargain!
While we are on the subject of yoga, check out these beautiful yoga pants from Spirit Girl. They have amazing designs, are super comfy and the best thing is they are eco-friendly, made from recycled plastic bottles collected from the sea! Similar prices to those you would find in the UK but simply amazing, and a pretty good trip souvenir if you ask me!

Walking and Running

Got itchy feet? Just go for a run. Everyone does it, so it’s not like when you’re in Europe you feel odd for going on a run. The hills make for a challenging workout and the breeze you get makes it a lot easier (nothing worse than going for a run in a hot country and feeling like you’re face is going to explode!)

Eating Out
Don’t worry about spoiling your workout with stuffy, unhealthy food (though my motto is normally, I sweat so I can eat!). Almost 90% of restaurants offer fresh, healthy and delicious foods. Here were a few of my faves!

Breakfast at Tasha’s (V&A Waterfront)
With a massive range of food options (and extremely low prices), Tasha’s has you covered. Whether you feel like a hearty breakfast, something lighter or something a little unusual, they will have it, freshly made to order!


Brunch at Virgin Active Premier (Seapoint)
Restaurant at a gym? Yes you read right! This isn’t just any gym – when they say premier they mean premier. Very fancy. So drop in for a gym sesh and enjoy a delicious healthy brunch afterwards.

Dinner at Mezepolis (Camps Bay)
This food was simply melt in the mouth, I have never had greek food so divine. The food is fresh, smells delicious and tastes as equally good. Enjoy the night air by the sea with a glass of wine and a range of tapas – trust me, it’s a must go to!

I have so much more to write about this place but not enough time! Currently sitting in a hostel, about to embark on a 19 day camping trek across Africa! Can’t wait to write about my adventures! Follow my journey on insta @daisiesatdawnloves and snapchat @daisytait (when I have wifi that is!)

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