The Camping Diaries Of A London Girl – part 2!

Did you know, scorpions are fluorescent in ultraviolet light? No? Well I wish I didn’t know that either. Because the only reason I found that out was when we got cornered by one the other night – okay it’s pretty cool but, ew, scorpions. Anyway, I survived! And I’m sure that’s not the last one I will see!


Every day so far has been jam packed – I’m currently on day 4 and handling the long journey’s way better than I thought I would! There’s loads of space so I can sprawl out and plenty of air. The last couple of days have been quite cloudy so it hasn’t been as hot which I’m simultaneously happy/unhappy with. It’s great we aren’t boiling on the bus but I really do not want to return home as pale as I am now.

The other day we hiked up a mountain on the Western Cape and the following morning canoed down The Orange River which separates South Africa and Namibia. A 3 hour 10k canoe was quite exhausting but fun! My favourite bit was cliff jumping in to the river half way through – I jumped off a rock in South Africa and landed in a river in Namibia – how cool is that? Bloody terrifying, but now it’s given me a taste for adrenaline and I want more!

I’m pretty proud of myself for waking up between 4.30am-6am everyday, without grumbling or being mean to any body. I am a morning person in general but by morning I mean 8/9…

The food on this thing has been totally amazing, I wasn’t expecting is at all! It’s like gourmet camping. Even though I am not eating meat the always make delicious stuff for us veggies and this morning our tour guide made us all pancakes… like, that’s not normal camping style! I feel they really played everything down in the itinerary and it’s all been way better than I anticipated.

How could I forget! We went to Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world and it was stunniiiiiing! We watched the sunset with bottles of sparking rose and cheese and crackers, a pretty perfect evening.

Time is going so fast but I’m missing wifi – sad I know but I’ll be the first to admit I’m addicted to the internet.

I want to share with you all my adventures with these posts but I am barely able to give you the slightest of insight. All I would say is if there’s anywhere in the world you want to see, but you don’t want to travel by yourself and can’t find a pal (even if you can!) look for these types of tours. I booked this through Topdeck and they do tours all over the world! There are other companies too but this is just my suggestion! I was really nervous about going by myself but all the people on my trip have been great and already I feel like I’ve made some friends that I will be seeing again. These trips are addictive, I’m already planning my next one, and it’s only day 4…

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