The Dating Diaries: Expansion Pack

My Dearest Readers (or, most likely, reader);

It has been just over a year that The Dating Diaries came to a prompt end thanks to a

Mitch and I

This photo is to disguise how miniature I am compared to him.

very tall, dark (ish), kind of handsome Kiwi guy. I know right, what an inconvenience! So, although I am no longer ‘dating’ as such, I thought it was time to pick up my metaphorical writing pen again and let the diaries continue. The Relationship Diaries!

Now, I am not a relationship guru on ANY level; I’m not trying to give profound advice. Incidentally, neither is this just an excuse for me to tell the world details of my relationship, even though most of you know I’m an over sharer anyway. This diary is more for… comfort!

Let me explain. All relationships are different, yes that’s true, but fundamentally, we all have similar problems. Take, for example, the current meme trend. Do you find yourself tagging your boyfriend endlessly in relationship meme’s you come across for their alarmingly high degree of accuracy? And how many other females have tagged their SO in the very same one? A lot, is your answer. Because really, we all go through the same things! You are not alone!
I always find it reassuring when I have a problem and I message my best friend and she tells me she goes through exactly the same thing with her boyfriend. It reminds me I’m not being a huge psycho. Maybe only a little one.

I reiterate, this diary is supposed to be comforting. And also slightly anecdotal (because, where’s the fun of a diary without stories, right?)

How about I introduce the man (or man-child) in question.

Meet Mitch:


This was the best I could do – getting him to pose for a photo seriously is like trying to get a fish to walk. It just ain’t gonna happen. 

He is: 6’4, a Kiwi, brown eyes & so laid back he’s almost horizontal.
He enjoys: anything football related, travelling and beer.

He also takes great joy in: winding me up, tripping me over and for some reason best known to himself, undoing my bra strap when we are in public places. (This one time, he did it whilst out for dinner with my mum and I had to sit there as my bra fell slowly down my shirt on my lap hoping she hadn’t noticed.)

We don’t have a normal relationship. By that I mean, we do long distance. And to make it even harder, he isn’t even in one place all the time, he travels for a living (tough life I know).

He works for a travel company- basically, he takes a load of 18-30 year old’s for a cultural trip around Europe (but mostly young Australian’s who want to get on the piss). So this means he’s barely ever in London town. It’s tough, but we somehow manage to make it work – cause that’s what you do when you’re in love right? (VOMIT I know – sorry, I’ll try keep the gushy stuff to a minimum).

Expect to see posts of the ups and the downs, the adventures and the battles and all that jazz. And you know, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that he is a very patient guy to put up with the needy, emotional, pocket rocket that is me!

So you know me, you know the guy, let us now begin on our Relationship Diary journey, keep your eyes peeled for the first post!

If you don’t already know, and would like to read about how we met with a job like that, click here to read about our first date!

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