An Insight To The Male Brain

Don’t you sometimes wish you could understand the male brain? Like, really understand it. How can it be wired so differently? Males are actually a different species. And although I am aware of these brain differences – it doesn’t mean I am always understanding, and I often find it incredibly frustrating.

My friend and I came up with, what I would say, a pretty accurate analogy for the male and female brain. Let me present to you:

The Male Box Brain:

FullSizeRender 10


(Notice the compartment labeled ‘Nothing’. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, it is possible to think of absolutely nothing. I thought my yoga teacher was lying.)

Their ability to compartmentalise is astounding. When they open a box, that’s it, they are fully absorbed with that subject. Two boxes being opened at once? Pff, no chance. If they are watching the football, it has their entire attention. If they are hanging out with their friends? Well, good luck getting a text out of them – no, no young lady you get back in your box.

Due to the nature of mine and Mitch’s relationship, texting and communication are important. For me anyway. Mitch isn’t really a phone person (yes, there are such people) but I know he tries his best for me else I maaaaaybe, kinda, sorta tend to get a bit ratty. When I don’t get a text for ages, and he then say’s he was ‘busy’ I’m like, HELLO, it takes two seconds to send a message! Even just to tell me you were busy! But I need to take a deep breath and remember that his thoughts are just entirely focused elsewhere and it doesn’t reflect on me. It’s just how he is wired.

On the flip side, the advantage of this is that when he is with me, I pretty much have his whole attention. This very much works for my needy, attention seeking tendencies.

Also, If I send him texts as a paragraph, especially ones with more than one question in, the likelihood is I will get a one line response, probably to the most irrelevant part. So I’m slowly learning if I actually want answers to only send messages singularly!

The Female Spiderweb Brain:

FullSizeRender 8

See here, we have our different categories, but they are all connected! I could be doing the washing up, thinking what I need to get done this weekend, whilst wondering what Mitch is up to, but also pondering what I’m going to eat later and probably dwelling on an awkward conversation I had with a friend the other day and analysing what she meant when she said ‘I preferred it when you were a brunette’ (like, what’s wrong with blonde? Do I look ugly blonde?)

These brain differences are where things like planning becomes an issue. While I’m over here trying to plan our holidays for the next 6 months, Mitch, rather infuriatingly, can’t seem to think past that weekend. It can be incredibly irksome (but, I’m sure he finds me not being able to decide what I want to eat incredibly irksome too so, you know, swings and roundabouts).

However, the brain complexities work both ways, this is an actual message Mitch sent me the other day: 

FullSizeRender 9

He finds it just as difficult to understand sometimes. And if you were wondering what the message was in response to, I think it was something along the lines of him saying I can’t spend time alone and ur… me jumping to conclusions and getting huffy accusing him of calling me dependant. (Kinda true though, I’m a people person!)


To finish off this whole blog post I’m going to suggest some extra reading. My analogies are very basic and unscientific, but correct. If you want to learn more about how men and women are wired different I’d strongly suggest this book The Female Brain.


I hope you enjoyed my first post! If you have any thoughts I’d love to hear from you, just click here!

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