Clueless (But Not In An Alicia Silverstone Way)

I have finally, finally come to the realisation that, I’m pretty awful at ‘being’ a girl (Ikr right, I had one job!) and this is something that has bothered me since teen hood. There are so many things in the female world that I am just completely and utterly clueless about! I recently went to … Continue reading Clueless (But Not In An Alicia Silverstone Way)

Core Collective – High Street Ken

Where? Core Collective – High Street Kensington What? Velocity When? Monday 10.30am Who? Em Furey (what a name - can't be anything but a fitness goddess with a name like that!) My Experience: This place doesn’t look like it’s anything fancy on the outside but as soon as you enter you are transported in to fitness … Continue reading Core Collective – High Street Ken

Ten Health & Fitness – St James

Where? Ten Health & Fitness – St James What? TenBarre (Barre Core) When? Saturday 1pm Who? Alannah My Experience: It’s a cute little basement place just off Piccadilly – really easy to find! They give you a tour of the areas when you arrive which is nice, but not completely necessary as it’s so small … Continue reading Ten Health & Fitness – St James