Holidating: The Ultimate Relationship Test & How To Survive It.

As I’m sure you are all well aware from my social media - I love me a holiday. I’m currently in a fortunate position where my job allows me the freedom of travel. I have to say, although doing long distance is difficult for the most part, it does mean I get to feed my … Continue reading Holidating: The Ultimate Relationship Test & How To Survive It.

Boyfriends Make You Fat.

I can’t be the only girl that thinks this?? I swear that this is the case with most couples. The only exception being gym couples (mine and Mitch’s mantra is more like ‘couples that snack together, stay together’). The trouble with boys, is they can pretty much eat anything they want without piling on the … Continue reading Boyfriends Make You Fat.

An Insight To The Male Brain

Don’t you sometimes wish you could understand the male brain? Like, really understand it. How can it be wired so differently? Males are actually a different species. And although I am aware of these brain differences - it doesn’t mean I am always understanding, and I often find it incredibly frustrating. My friend and I … Continue reading An Insight To The Male Brain

The Dating Diaries: Expansion Pack

My Dearest Readers (or, most likely, reader); It has been just over a year that The Dating Diaries came to a prompt end thanks to a very tall, dark (ish), kind of handsome Kiwi guy. I know right, what an inconvenience! So, although I am no longer ‘dating’ as such, I thought it was time … Continue reading The Dating Diaries: Expansion Pack

The 16 Hour Trek To Italy: A Movie Moment

My life is filled with several disasters and unbelievable events that couldn’t be better if you wrote them. But they aren’t written - they are actual, real things that happen to me. So from time to time I like to share these moments with you guys! Here’s a little story about my disastrous journey to … Continue reading The 16 Hour Trek To Italy: A Movie Moment

Calling All Brunch Lovers

Who doesn’t like brunch? Weirdos - that’s who. Don’t trust anyone that doesn’t like brunch cause… what’s not to like? There’s something for everyone! When it comes to deciding where to eat with your pals, choosing a location with a brunch menu can settle many a dispute. Whether you fancy something of the breakfast kind, … Continue reading Calling All Brunch Lovers

Overcoming Life Anxiety

  As you may have read before in my previous posts, I’m an anxiety sufferer. And sometimes it can be almost crippling. Anxiety is quite a contradictory feeling - the mind is alive with thoughts, feelings and ideas and yet the thought of putting anything in to action gives you such nauseating heart palpitations that … Continue reading Overcoming Life Anxiety