Rooftop Cinema – (The JAR Series)

This has been on my London to do list for like the last 3 years and I’ve never managed to get around to going! So I was super pleased when it came out of the Jar on one sunny afternoon when me and my housemate were searching for evening plans. Plans that didn’t involve eating ...

Getting Back On The Fitness Wagon

Fallen off the fitness wagon? Well, haven't we all. I'm no saint when it comes to breaking my regime, learn from my mistakes and discover the best way to get back on track!

The 7-day Cruise Experience On Freedom Of The Seas

Check out what I thought of my first cruise ship experience around the Caribbean on Freedom Of The Seas!

Get Your Yoga Leggs At A Discount!

Happy Friday people! Got a special treat for you: an exclusive discount code for my lovely readers!

Conversations That Dancers Are Bored Of Having (Part 2!)

The time has come, Stagey pals, feast your eyes on my latest post: Conversations That Dancers Are Bored of Having (Part 2!)

To Be Continued…?

Guys, I don’t think you are going to believe me when I say this, but I actually went on a really nice date. That I enjoyed. I know, crazy right?! But don’t worry, it still provided plenty of dating diary material because well, it’s me. And stupid things happen to me. How it happened: Move ...

Clueless (But Not In An Alicia Silverstone Way)

I have finally, finally come to the realisation that, I’m pretty awful at ‘being’ a girl (Ikr right, I had one job!) and this is something that has bothered me since teen hood. There are so many things in the female world that I am just completely and utterly clueless about! I recently went to ...

Core Collective – High Street Ken

Where? Core Collective – High Street Kensington What? Velocity When? Monday 10.30am Who? Em Furey (what a name - can't be anything but a fitness goddess with a name like that!) My Experience: This place doesn’t look like it’s anything fancy on the outside but as soon as you enter you are transported in to fitness ...

Ten Health & Fitness – St James

Where? Ten Health & Fitness – St James What? TenBarre (Barre Core) When? Saturday 1pm Who? Alannah My Experience: It’s a cute little basement place just off Piccadilly – really easy to find! They give you a tour of the areas when you arrive which is nice, but not completely necessary as it’s so small ...

Tiny Tits: Big Benefits

This is a post for all my fellow members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. I spent my girlhood waiting to grow boobs like the rest of my friends. I remember expecting one day, like the rest of my gal pals, to go home from school on a Friday, flat as a pancake and come ...

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