Conquer Your Workout With The Power Of Tee’s!

Ladies, this one’s for you! As always, I have a discovery I want to share, but I also have a little treat for my lovely readers (by way of apology for being totally off radar for the last few weeks!) If I gave you 3 guesses what this post was about - well… you wouldn’t … Continue reading Conquer Your Workout With The Power Of Tee’s!

Core Collective – High Street Ken

Where? Core Collective – High Street Kensington What? Velocity When? Monday 10.30am Who? Em Furey (what a name - can't be anything but a fitness goddess with a name like that!) My Experience: This place doesn’t look like it’s anything fancy on the outside but as soon as you enter you are transported in to fitness … Continue reading Core Collective – High Street Ken

Simple Ways To Motivate Your Workout

We can all pretend we love exercise. Sometimes we genuinely do! But mostly we love the feels you get post-workout. You know, those ‘I’m an untouchable goddess and ain’t no body gonna bring me down’ kinda feels. But it isn’t always easy to get your ass in gear – when the alarm interrupts that fantastic … Continue reading Simple Ways To Motivate Your Workout