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The One With Too Much Alcohol

How It Happened: So I met this guy on Tinder and this was actually a second date (believe it or not). The first was just a lunch time coffee which I didn’t feel the need to write about – nothing exciting happened and I promise you, this one is SO much more entertaining. But he ...

The Blind Date

Believe it or not – these still happen like they used to in the glory days, except gone is the romantic ‘I’ll be standing under the clock tower with a red rose in my suit pocket’, replaced instead with a text that reads ‘are you the girl standing underneath the Starbucks sign?’ – It’s far ...

Rule No. 1 Of A Successful Date – Make Sure You Both Know It’s A Date

Yes, ladies and gents (though probably mostly ladies; this is more their type of blog) – the title of this post says it all. So my first entry for the dating diaries is, unfortunately, pretty unsuccessful. Here’s the story. How It Happened: One Friday, for some strange reason, my sister, my best friend and I, ...

An Introduction For You

Come and join me on my dating journey - together we can cry, laugh (although, I probably won't be laughing) and look forward to all the exciting things it may bring!

Fantastic Perks To Being The Third Wheel

This is for the people out there who have embraced the third wheel status and realised why it's so great! Like, Share, Comment!

15 Reasons Why Girls Swipe Left On Tinder

Simply, 15 reasons that instantly cause girls to swipe left on Tinder