Overcoming Life Anxiety

  As you may have read before in my previous posts, I’m an anxiety sufferer. And sometimes it can be almost crippling. Anxiety is quite a contradictory feeling - the mind is alive with thoughts, feelings and ideas and yet the thought of putting anything in to action gives you such nauseating heart palpitations that … Continue reading Overcoming Life Anxiety

The Perfect Friendship Group

As you get older you find that your circle of friends diminishes greatly. Gone are the cling-ons, the users and the acquaintances. And now, you are surrounded by a glorious collection of people; the cream of the crop, your favourites - your best friends. Sometimes people try and tell me that you can’t have more … Continue reading The Perfect Friendship Group

How To Make The Most Of Where You Live – (The JAR Series)

This is just a little idea I've come up with to help us make the most of where we live - it's not my usual blog post, but it's something I wanted to share! The world we live in, is a beautiful place and many of us are constantly dreaming about travelling and exploring new … Continue reading How To Make The Most Of Where You Live – (The JAR Series)

Anorexia: The Unknown Aftermath

I decided to write something a little different this week, in honour of Eating Disorders Awareness week. This is my struggle with the illness anorexia - no, I wasn't a sufferer, but I still struggled, while I had to sit and watch my sister go through this destructive process. It first dawned on me that … Continue reading Anorexia: The Unknown Aftermath