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An Insight To The Male Brain

Don’t you sometimes wish you could understand the male brain? Like, really understand it. How can it be wired so differently? Males are actually a different species. And although I am aware of these brain differences - it doesn’t mean I am always understanding, and I often find it incredibly frustrating. My friend and I ...

The Dating Diaries: Expansion Pack

My Dearest Readers (or, most likely, reader); It has been just over a year that The Dating Diaries came to a prompt end thanks to a very tall, dark (ish), kind of handsome Kiwi guy. I know right, what an inconvenience! So, although I am no longer ‘dating’ as such, I thought it was time ...

Using Your Time Of The Month As An Excuse For Absolutely Everything.

A blog post complete with things that periods are a good excuse for, a list of alternative ways to tell people about your TOTM and an essential 'Period Pack'.