Overcoming Life Anxiety

  As you may have read before in my previous posts, I’m an anxiety sufferer. And sometimes it can be almost crippling. Anxiety is quite a contradictory feeling - the mind is alive with thoughts, feelings and ideas and yet the thought of putting anything in to action gives you such nauseating heart palpitations that … Continue reading Overcoming Life Anxiety

Namaste Bitches, Love From Gatwick Airport

‘Rise and Shine! It’s 3.45am and you’ve got a flight to catch!’ Is what my alarm was basically saying as it trilled loudly in my face this morning. Normally I’m getting home at that time, not waking up! BUT, even though I’ve only had roughly about an hour and half broken sleep, I’ve got a … Continue reading Namaste Bitches, Love From Gatwick Airport

Feel FAB with Fabletics #LiveYourPassion

Something I read recently made me VERY happy. So apparently (according to fitness experts) one of many things you can do to motivate yourself to work out, is to buy new fitness gear! (I was raving about it in my post Simple Ways To Motivate Your Workout) This is excellent news for me because now … Continue reading Feel FAB with Fabletics #LiveYourPassion

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. 

Let's get something straight about being an emotional person. Crying, does not mean you are weak. For those of you who, like me, have gone through life being labelled as a cry-baby, or have been told to stop being so sensitive all the time, or who have been chastised for being over emotional like it’s … Continue reading It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. 

Be: Fit London 2015 – The Perfect Event For Female Fitness Fanatics!

I spent Friday 1st of May in Islington's Business Design Centre at the Be:Fit London event 2015 - and I learnt SO much that there are a few things I wanted to share with you! What is Be:Fit? Be:Fit is London's most exclusive fitness event (and in their own words), is created by women, for … Continue reading Be: Fit London 2015 – The Perfect Event For Female Fitness Fanatics!