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An Insight To The Male Brain

Don’t you sometimes wish you could understand the male brain? Like, really understand it. How can it be wired so differently? Males are actually a different species. And although I am aware of these brain differences - it doesn’t mean I am always understanding, and I often find it incredibly frustrating. My friend and I ...

Fantastic Perks To Being The Third Wheel

This is for the people out there who have embraced the third wheel status and realised why it's so great! Like, Share, Comment!

Reasons Why Girls Expect More From Their Man

As I understand it, it isn't an easy task to find a relationship without it's fair share of so-called 'nagging'. Now, you can argue with me: no doubt there will be the odd person that would dispute this with a 'No no, I've been with my boyfriend for SIX years and we are blissfully happy, ...