Core Collective – High Street Ken

Where? Core Collective – High Street Kensington What? Velocity When? Monday 10.30am Who? Em Furey (what a name - can't be anything but a fitness goddess with a name like that!) My Experience: This place doesn’t look like it’s anything fancy on the outside but as soon as you enter you are transported in to fitness … Continue reading Core Collective – High Street Ken

Ten Health & Fitness – St James

Where? Ten Health & Fitness – St James What? TenBarre (Barre Core) When? Saturday 1pm Who? Alannah My Experience: It’s a cute little basement place just off Piccadilly – really easy to find! They give you a tour of the areas when you arrive which is nice, but not completely necessary as it’s so small … Continue reading Ten Health & Fitness – St James

Feel FAB with Fabletics #LiveYourPassion

Something I read recently made me VERY happy. So apparently (according to fitness experts) one of many things you can do to motivate yourself to work out, is to buy new fitness gear! (I was raving about it in my post Simple Ways To Motivate Your Workout) This is excellent news for me because now … Continue reading Feel FAB with Fabletics #LiveYourPassion

Simple Ways To Motivate Your Workout

We can all pretend we love exercise. Sometimes we genuinely do! But mostly we love the feels you get post-workout. You know, those ‘I’m an untouchable goddess and ain’t no body gonna bring me down’ kinda feels. But it isn’t always easy to get your ass in gear – when the alarm interrupts that fantastic … Continue reading Simple Ways To Motivate Your Workout